RE: the recently aborted defense event

OK, I appreciate that there were some video bugs that Windows players were unhappy about.  However, I stocked my Treasure Chamber chock full of gold and then spent 40 gems protecting it for a day in preparation for the upgrades  I had in mind, and you went and switched the event out from under me.   How about comping me and anyone else that did the same the gems that we’re now out.  That’d be nice.


I did the exact same thing lol.

Then spent it on a tower upgrade oh well.



can someone enlighten me how video ad issues are justification to kill the defense boost event? Thanks.

Because without videos, people would have run out of bread rapidly.

Because without videos, your tavern would not give you 3M gold a day.

Because without videos, you dont get those 4-5 legendary chests everyday that could give you about 1M gold each.

Because peoples now complain about everything on the forum like it’s the worst thing happening and Flare panic and react sometime without thinking it over.

But this one is on the forum members, they are the one responsible. The negative aura of this forum make things like that happen. Enjoy.

Much more important than that is the fact that people looking to level up 2 waves. With ads that is possible. Without video ads the only way you can do that is if you spend gems to speed up the 1st wave.


To avoid that, Flare killed that event and gave us this one, which has minimal ad interference.

I very well remember the time, about 3/4 of a year, when Ads on Windows completely did not work.

Nobody changed any event then.

Oh, and of course it was said at that time this was the Ad providers fault until miracuously an update from Flare made them work again.

From MY point of view:

I had enough gold saved from festival (and another full vault wasted because everything was busy and couldn’t spend it) so don’t need any of the things you mentioned. And even if I did, I wouldn’t have any free workers/research to need to bother with getting gold quickly. Same as EVERYBODY ELSE.

I still don’t see the connection.

Many don’t. the fact is in the past before 2.1.0 Windows Users did not have the video ads. Did the event was cancelled each time? No. So I don’t think i understand the move of Flare


We are trying to make it fair for everyone.Players on Windows rely heavily on ads and they wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of the event fully without it.

What happened in the past is the past. We are in the “now”. This decision comes from a conversation between the Devs and I and we decided it was the best way to go forward.

I’m sorry it doesn’t pleases you, but we have a large community. We cannot please everybody no matter what we do. I can see you actually commented it was unfair to go ahead with the event on another thread @Warriornator. What happened for you to change your opinion so swiftly?

Many thanks,


Still, a lot of people reported spending gems for gold shields when the saw the original event announced.

And as there seems to be a problem for Facebook connects on Windows too since around the time the Ads stopped working (though does not affect that many users as it seems). This is a major disadvantage for the Irmgard Event. So pardon me if I am not completely thrilled by that solution. I appreciate the thinking, @GalaMorgane but it leads to a lot of confusion among people if such events are changed. Usually you do not check those banners twice. This had to be explained to several surprised people, please keep that in mind. Thank you.

That’s why we did an announcement on the forum and on Facebook. Things can change… Problems happens, all the time, everyday, everywhere. We were trying to find a solution to make sure we would still offer you an event that wouldn’t be as impacted as the boost your defense event, by the Ads problem.

We are always trying our best to find solutions when a problem arise. We did everything possible to make sure everything was aware of the last minutes change.

Many thanks,


And what about the Facebook problem?
Is it being worked on?

It is yes. We are aware of the incident too and working on it.

I am hereby bringing up the idea again to make an always up-to date post with the problems being worked on.
It might save you and us some headaches…

I said it somewhere. I am neutral. I don’t have have change my opinion. Just I understand both side. People who think its unfair because no boost,no extra gold and people who are angry because they have spend gems and money to be prepare for the Boost your defense event. However I admit I am more agree with people who are angry.If I was at their place probably me too I would have be angry. In this kind of situation I will be always neutral. I understand both side.So that why I have comment on both side

I’d still would’ve preferred to not take full advantage of the event than not have the event at all. Hell, I don’t take full advantage of most events anyway and not because I have/haven’t ads but because the timing of events is incompatible with my schedule. But I don’t cry about it and it doesn’t kill me. If I get one defense wave done faster and cheaper instead of two then I’m already happy because I can start another much sooner, I don’t need to conduct timer gymnastics to be able to squeeze that one more upgrade in. And taking away my chance (and everyone else’s) to do one upgrade because someone somewhere won’t get that one extra upgrade which will kill him, apparently, is unfair. If y’all didn’t want only some players to have the advantage of free boosts then you should’ve disabled the boosts for all platforms for the duration of the event. Not to mention there’s always the option to use gems but somehow that’s not unfair to players who don’t spend money on the game, just free things are unfair.

Exactly. Until the time of CURRENT IMPROVEMENTS - which are within 99% of people will be dissatisfied. Comparing to 33% of Windows …
Always these events are when we have towers, waves, spells, units for the next 5 days - so we do not have anything from these events.