RE: Update 1.8.5 - Social Features, War Champions, and Shields

Yesterday when I turned on Royal Revolt, I saw it downloading a large update!  And I was so excited to see all the new things!  But when I got into the game, all I saw were tickets! New ways to talk about the game with your friends and more tickets!  I was horribly disappointed!

I’ve played the game for about a month now, probably a little more.  I’ve max out my thrown room, maxed out my treasure chamber, almost maxed out my gate.  I’ve unlocked all the units, and I really don’t have much to look forward to.  Meaning, I am starting to lose interest!  And I was hoping that new units would be available.  Something to keep the game fresh!

So I’m asking FlareGames for a real update one that benefits the users this time.  Not just an update for FlareGames’ Treasure Chamber.  I understand they’re a business, they have to do that, but let’s have some give and take here.  I’ll use the dumb tickets and they give us some new units!

So what I’m proposing addresses several weak areas in the game:

I’ll discuss the problems first:

There are no mid-range melee units.  Either you’re using a morale 3 paladin or a 12 ogre and there’s nothing between!

There are no high-end ranged units! 

Further there are no ranged monsters!  (And no the fact that the animation for the Gargoyle shows him throwing doesn’t make him ranged.)

Anyway, my solutions to this problems are:

The Shaman, The Werewolf Pack, and The Dragon!

First off the Shaman would add a new element to game play.  The Shaman would be able to convert units at range!  He’d probably be based on the Froster or Pyromancer, and he’s real use would be converting units across adjacent lanes!  This would give attacking players (or defending players) a chance to gain units far ahead of their current position in the battlefield.)  This would add a new element to the game play, and a new danger to the all too common adjacent lines design (therefore balancing the game).  Further in the interest of balancing this unit, it may require the use of morale in the converting process or it may just have a high morale cost.

Next, the Werewolves are a mistake:

First: The Werewolf should be a member of a wolfpack!  So it shouldn’t be a unit with a high morale cost!  It should be probably about 6 morale.  And obviously for balancing it’s powers would have to be reduced, but that way you could spawn a wolfpack.  Also they should be stronger when they are in proximity to each other maybe a group healing, but I’d rather see a group rage that increases their attack.  That would make it important to save up some morale and spawn them all at once instead of one by one.  This would solve the problem of there being no mid range melee unit.  (Also, since it’s a werewolf, I’d kind of like to see it actually “were” and transform from a human to a wolf before an attack, but that’s just a frivolous request.)  Finally, I have a problem with frost being the werewolf’s weakness, the werewolf according to legend is the monster of the cold north!  He should have any other weakness but frost!

Ultimately, the Dragon should replace the Werewolf as the highest morale unit, and it’s a Dragon it’s the perfect ultimate unit, and the Dragon is a ranged monster (which is something that was missing!)  I could see one of the Dragon’s weaknesses being frost.  I’d love to see him have a resistance to normal and piercing because of his scales.  Honestly, I think it would be cool, since he’s flying if knights couldn’t even harm him with their 0.8 range and normal damage.  But let paladins with their 1 range and axes hurt him.  So I’m thinking his weaknesses could be blunt and frost. 

Finally, you could add some more dungeons down below (what I thought was a Dragons head, thanks a lot guys!)  And you could add another level to the Troop Academy.  Put us all back to work and give us more things to unlock!  And stay excited about!