Reached Final Level 130

Today i reached the final Level 130. It was a very very long way, over 2 years and over 3.7 billion xp. 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISCHREIBER1967 ,… 130 levels today  AWSUM ACHIEVEMENT              CONGRATULATIONS :slight_smile: …all the best Bubbanujts





Glückwünsch Micha zu Level 130. Mit den Dieben Top 10 Super. Ich brauch noch 24 Level dann bin ich auch Lv.130 ?

Congrats mischreiber1967! Keep it up!

well done, congrats mischreiber!

Allisson2 leader of Brasil Royal Revolt 2 is the first to achieve 130level but many of them don’t know

Congrats Mischreiber for this achievement. :slight_smile:

Just a question for information only: How much vouchers did your voucher friend got from your leveling?

I dont know but i think only 1. This voucher thing is crap.


Congrats Michael, happy that was you who got it first ! :slight_smile:

It’s Allisson2… Leader of Brasil Royal Revolt 2 

Yes thats right, he was the first. How many level bought he?  20 or 30? so he spend a few thousand to reach max level.

Indeed, fighting your way up the hard way is much more fun and satisfaction than buying your way up.


very true Ed and as the wee man only has bread b4 each fight…its much more awsum :slight_smile:


Yes may be he spent huge money but i just wanted to let u guys know that he is first to achieve to reach max level… I know u spent much effort to reach I saw your every level pic from 120 level 

If you read my comment bellow i already said that he was the first Player who reached Level 130.


I wasn’t awere that anyone else got it before Michael, in this case, congrats to Alisson for being first max king in the game, at the same time big congrats to Michael for doing it in the hard way, I was watching his journey since level 120 I believe, big achievement :slight_smile:


Allison didnt bought levels… he knew about monk xp bug few months ago… so he was raiding monk bases last few months… michael came to know about monk bases last xp event… then he reached those levels by raiding only monk bases too… if michael deserve respect for raiding monk bases… then allison deserve respect too… my comment is not against michael… But i didnt like the way you guys are disrespecting the 1st player to reach 130…

This thread is about Michael reaching 130. He did it the hard way and deserves all the respect for this achievement.

It’s not about others who reached it and not about the methods to do it. If anyone else wants to celebrate his 130 party, he can open a thread of his own.


Is @RevenanT the latest addition to this club, I just noticed it. Congrats to the leader of Apocalypse.

Thanks :slight_smile: Was no way for me to compete with Michael :slightly_frowning_face: Was level 107 when he was level 122.

However, despite my busy work schedule and hard seasons in which I play multiple accounts, I still managed to grind my way through fast enough :slight_smile:

The hardest part was to get from level 126 to level 130 in 2 weekend days just before the update ._.

Btw, this is a surprise for me too, that Allison leveled on monks, and not by money, guess need to always get facts straight before thinking smth xD