Read-/Unread-Links look very similar

Is there a Possibility to make the difference a litte clearer? Maybe make “Read” State more light than it is now:

I think if it was brighter, it would be hard to read. :thinking:
Therefore, I don’t think I want to change this.

However, would you light-theme users prefer if there was a slightly grey background. That would make the topics stand out more anyways and that would also help with your problem.

I could imagine something like this:

I would think it would be better like that because then the white wouldn’t shine bright as the sun. So let me know.

Just gonna add a vote here:

  • Gimme the grey background please, kind Miss!
  • Only white please, leave it like it is, I am turning grey soon enough! :wink:

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I have added the slight grey background now as requested. :rr2advisorhappy:

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