Really Enjoying Conquest Mode

This is clearly not a popular opinion. :slight_smile:

I will start by saying some tweaks could make a big, positive difference. It is a difficult balance between cooldowns (movement, tower building) and action. The chat system is now really exposed. Hopefully those can be figured out.

That being said, strategic decisions abound. Is the enemy mounting an attack? Do we hit their tower or head back? Which tech tree branch suits our situation and strengths best? Do we keep up with skirmishes or consolidate?

It helps that my alliance has control of the desert now and is doing well, despite dozens of mistakes along the way. We are now the target for the other 3 alliances – will they work together against us? I think that’s the only way we can lose, so we’ll see.

Hopefully some others are enjoying this, too, and see the potential. Maybe it’s not for everyone but I am having much more fun than a ninja event or a repetitive war. This has depth and adds a completely new element to the game.

and it creates depression and insomnia - it’s really amazing. it should be somehow separated this time at night - having control over the desert and 3 towers on 2 lv in the middle - we will lose everything immediately because if someone is physically working extraordinarily, he is f**ked up guarding stupid towers.

Think you have game 24/24 7/7 playing, unplayable for people with work 

Win or defeat only depends who is online at the right moment not who is the strongest 

Perhaps. I have a very demanding job but am able to log on pretty frequently to move on the map. I have noticed that people who run around solo are asking to be killed when they log off. I think a key strategy moving forward will be for alliances to manage their active players and their semi-active players and giving them the right roles (scouting vs. defending, etc.).

Again, I see potential and am willing to work through the growing pains to see it improve.

Agree that it is definitely teamwork that will make this new mode successful, and those alliances that have difficulty with working together, ignoring others who have questions about possible bugs that have been found or how something is working…won’t keep an alliance together no matter what the level. This mode will see the disassembling of many alliances, with many players leaving this game for that very reason.