Really Good Friends

so was thinking to start a new thing well i am playing this game from 10 months and i really had so much fun playing this game but the main thing is i have found really good friends from different regions due to this game they are also the best offensive players in the game one is Fii Nami ant the other one is Myth :wink:

I was in a league with one of your members. He was outstanding, getting 600 medals per battle with only a small medal boost. The only reason I won was because he didn’t play as often as I did. But if I had the ability to knock off high level bases without ever losing like he did, that would make raiding a whole lot easier.


I don’t know what you guys are doing differently, but it’s working. Maybe share your secrets with the rest of us? :wink:

don’t forget to include wando, ankit, defender as the best offensive plyrs. u have to see them in actions.

i was taking about my friends :slight_smile:

Well, you can’t have everything at once :grinning:

very good