Reaper of Souls - Recruiting - Loyal Members


About our Alliance:

-Our Founder - Hellslord - Mastermind Strategist 

-Ranked 25rd Overall (With only 28 members - holding our ground against 45+ member alliances)

- Extremely experienced alliance. Lots of Ex Generals from previous alliances. 

-Looking to increase our membership to become a top 10 alliance.

What we Offer:

-Members From All Over the World - 24 Support During War

- Good friends who’ve been playing together for a long time. We believe in having a good time whilst playing to win.

-Always offering advice and insight on the game (offensive and defensive strategies)

-Most important blessings on 24/7 - blessed for over 2 months. War Blessings Always Maxed.

-100% gold bonus & 13% donation bonus

-Communications through Whatsapp or LINE Chat.



Requirements for Membership

  • Ascension level 100+

  • Must have 3rd war hero/ Level 19 Celestial Boost

  • Must download LINE app

  • Must be active and participate during wars


If you are interested. Go ahead and join our alliance or Please contact me through LINE Chat: humlunjabor







4 Spots Filled. 13 Spots Available.

Looking for more active and loyal warriors to join our family!



2 More spots Filled. 11 Spots Available!