reasons we players are happy today

Flare has fixed crash problems, except the ones that still happen. Flare has adjusted cooldown times between islands in ninja event. Possibly only by a second or two but they r adjusted so it will mean you can save a few minutes.   i used capitols to begin my sentences and a period at the end of each statement. Happy happy joy joy.

More Reasons to be Happy.

  1. I have experienced ZERO crashes for over 10 days since I quit the game.?

  2. I presume I still have 5,000+ Gems and 20,000+ pearls as haven’t wasted any of them since not logging in ?

  3. My phone now has more space on it to store emojis ???



I am reserving my opinion on this. The crashes and disconnects peaked during the previous ninja event.

Everything of the current ninja event is working perfectly fine for me, I’m very pleased with Flare their service.


Crashed before starting. :lol: 

ha loys have no portal showing…we cant play