Reasons why ninja event is soooo boring

Let’s help Flare to fix this one.

  1. cant see any ninjas… dash attack wont allow…

  2. possibility to get ninja coins on COF

  3. WAITING for the boat to get the next island (or paying gems). 

  4. That blue sea background on island… so bright.

feel free to complete…

I don’t think the event is boring, but here’s what I think of those points:

  1. Yup, I can hardly notice ninjas because they deal their dash attack a lot, so they’re more invisible that visible and it’s hard to hit all of them together with a spell (wow what a good ninjas, they work strategically as a team)

  2. Yeah, these coins can make the difference between getting first or second place and that’s a huge difference on prizes, I guess this is as annoying as war skulls on CoF

  3. Yeah kinda, but I guess they had to control somehow that not everyone should be allowed to finish all raids instantly (only by paying gems and this is the method they implemented this time for profit, which isn’t as bad as previous issues)

  4. Yes, they environment can sometimes be confusing so you don’t know where the path actually goes.

Thanks for the feedback.

Regarding 1. you will be able to see the ninjas much more once you unlocked them after the event. :slight_smile:

  1. The event lasts 3 days, the timer allows players to go through the event at a slower pace, without rushing through it. (as you can fully finish the event without speeding up the cooldowns)

I wonder if i go to sleep 8 hours each day (beauty sleep needed) i will be able to complete this event…

The cooldown adds 10 minutes on for each successive island, I think many who can only play this game after work/school will not be able to complete this event unless they have lots of gems to spend.


Ninjas are almost invisible (I suppose real ninjas are) but it took me a few raids to even see them.


Good idea but spoiled by the usual tactic of paying players having the advantage, I don’t want to spend gems opening chests to get the coins so I can never win a league, or even come top 30 I doubt.


oPelle made a calculation on the FB group and it’s completely possible to finish all the event even with sleeping 8 hours a day. I don’t about people who has to study or work like me, I guess in my case I won’t be able to make it.

Flare has to be kidding me… People who study, work… how on earth are they supposed to play this event?

The time wait between islands is so annoying and downright evil. I have quit this game once and i am seeing so many more reasons to quit again. Really you want me back constantly every hour to play your game? I think you guys have the concept of  replayability all fucked up! 

After all the annoying playtime only the top 10 in a tier get enough ninjas… That’ll be almost always the ones who pay… Well done flare… Limits of greed 

And the crashing thing is boring too, 2nd time in 10 levels so far :rolleyes:


If you want a slower pace I think most of us would have preferred just a limit of 10 attacks per day.   

or an idea that fits with the theme:

You use “Wind” to get from Island to Island.  “Wind” is a new resource, you have a max amount that you can hold at 1 time, and it slowly refills.  You could even make it like the Farms & Bread Silo and give upgrades to improve it.  Gems of course could refill it.  
But the idea would be more to let players play a few attacks all at once, rather than have to keep coming back on a set schedule.  

its very bad flare …every one has to study and work everyday …please change the theme of ninja s…its very boring and annoying to get back to the game again and again it is also very difficult to do that…only few people can participate in the full event

Hello Alysea , I decided to spend my gems accelerating the islands , entering one of them , the game was closed only by pressing the attack button and lost one valuable attack. Then the same thing happened 2 times , now I 'm stuck on level 26 which gives +2 attacks and to have 30/30 attacks in total, this is not fair game :slightly_frowning_face: royal revolt 2 2 years ago and never happened to me something. I and invested in the event :slightly_frowning_face: least 800 gems to get 1st place . I want to give me my other attacks to get the 3 mega chests end. the levels are fun event and the dificulty intermediate :slight_smile:  fix the problem want my problem please before the end of this event :(. Thanks for reading my message <3 

Events name should have been BUY THE NINJAS Instead of RISE OF NINJAS 

Seems the event only for the paid ones.

anyway the event is funny,atleast we have something than nothing,

but i expected a bit more than this like we can also use ninjas as another troop which would be insta and something like that.

It is like just some dungeons with a competiton among some group of people for some random rewards.

but i think a free player can also complete this event by playing it correctly(i mean should check the exact time of cooldown nd play).but if u pay u will move fast.

 moreover the limit is just 30 battles so they cant go unreachble like in leagues some high level players normal free players can also get 1st if they try.

I feel your pain man… the game crash in the middle of an event raid… thanks to flare ridiculous logic i wont be able to complete all the islands/boats on this event.

Other problem that nobody points out is that flare is quite obscure… they don’t gaves all the rules before the event. (Like the consecuences of reraiding an island).

Very dissapointed!!!

Atleast give some extra attack… So we can complete if crashed sometimes…

sometime it freezer n sometime it got stuck in COF n exit… This problem occurs always so flare u must think about it…

and yes please less some cool down time, otherwise school, college or working person can’t play this event they have to surrender if they don’t have gems to cool down.

Path sometime i get puzzled where the path is… Really we can’t catch everything is same…

Yes cieza background of sea is really very bright… And what is inside of sea some kind of map hahahah… ?

I think you can do it with about a 30 minute window of “safety”.  Flare really cut it too close there!

i don’t know why this portal given… It say portal can teleport to different island then why needed boat n cooldown, direct enter to portal n go to next island… And cooldown why its there teleport don’t need time it will teleport u in seconds.

and the main is villain where is he i didn’t saw him anywhere in island… Villain is a joke… Here ninja is a defender only not deadly one ogre hammer or blizzard thats it RIP ninjas hahaha…

truly a funny event not matching any ideas for portal… But the main part i like is more medal n gold with easy bases…

A three day event…

So if any reasonable person has 4hrs a day to set aside … yes even that’s a lot but for argument sake.

So 10 fights at 3minutes so 210 minutes left

So about 20 minutes wait for each…

This is doable and if you don’t want to wait then yes those people will not.

Yes flare you get your money still.

Honestly its a paywall at the moment…

You said “I” would battle the villain for the right to Ninjas but that’s hardly the case with a 10 spot limit for 2+ ninjas

And no dups dont change that as you need to pay to open chests to ensure the extra bonus is obtained every fight.

Basically you can have one so don’t bother much more than that as… well… the fix is in.

@Alysea: Blue sea background so beautiful, can i have it ???