Rebalancing reasons

After reading the developers explanation for the rebalancing, I’m encouraged. Several years ago I posted requests here on making the game more strategic and have many more viable options on offense and base design. Less cookie cutter, more variety. The developers state this is the main reason for rebalancing. I applaud this attempt and hope it works.

Actually having to look at a base you are going to attack, then change your troops, spells and pals based on the base? Wonderful! More strategy, experience and intelligence rewarded? Oh yes!

Will see if this moves us closer to such a reality, and more tweaking may be needed but I applaud the attempt, and appreciate the developers taking the time to give the community a thoughtful reply and explanation.

If more combos are now viable, their use would be easier if more than 4 preset slots were available for free. Cheesy to require a subscription for more.

Likewise, a second slot for a preset base layout would encourage experimentation with defenses.

I totally agree! I’m quite happy to see that there is more strategy to be had in the game, however, this sets back most players as figuring out a good combo was hard enough in the first place. With these new changes, it will indeed make attacking more interesting and it will also make you think about what troops and spells to bring into an attack, which is fun, but it will take a while to get used to all of it

After seeing all offence being “reduced in power” I thought crap that’s me struggling. Been comfortable with WOM and Ceres. Then lost around 200 trophies and then another 100 got pissed off and I could loose more if I did not started to look outside comfort zone. Found and tested different combos and pals and never had that many trophies so yeah we can complain but that will change nothing and too be honest old combo started to be boring and very predictable. New is more exciting and would never though that king’s equipment that I put together will work but it is. I thing that my army is stronger now jus need some suitable gloves for my combo as one I have does nothing really. Advice? Try and probably gonna loose loads of trophies but eventually you hit the sweet combo. Plus defence is stronger which Ian a good thing to this game for a change. 

I wish I could tag everyone who complained here so they can see this.

makes sense if we would see all towers and where they are located…otherwise its just -luck

Good point. It would help to choose strategy and spells( its matter cuz now you need to be careful). Also it would be worth to Flare. It would push to buy pro subs

Flares continued efforts to make it as unenjoyable as possible for all with maximum rip off profits for them is good?

Made plenty of money out of people willing to pay for the slight advantages and bonus,usually from flares own offers,then took it all away.

Do they get refunded for them putting things backwards? No.

As usual all aimed at max profits,pay twice,three times and we’ll mug you all off again,usual flare BS.

I think it is going to get more interesting with buffed defence and u really need to upgrade your skills to start enjoying game again. As days passing I am more and more on flare side a with all those changes. Spent 200000 food on aska and it came out that it will not work with combo that I use now but latter when all settles down will add second one that will work with aska so more things to look to. And btw I am far far away of being 130 lvl player. 

Why uts worth to be 130 level player?

Just saying that my troops are not maxed out like wolf / ogre they like 3 levels below max but  still with changed combo can fight big boys (not too big though). This change / update helped me a lot to improve 

But you dnt need to have 130 level to max your ogr/wolf)

Agree but lvl above 110 it always make me thing they have maxed out wolf ? and ogre 

So my point is don’t need maxed out troops to do well with right combo. And this what this update made me do go out of comfort zone. So thanks Flare 

Yes its good.

but for me its still hard even i win now 5 from 8?

It is hard which makes it more interesting. You would probably expect to won  all those fight before update now it is different. I think is better 

Only you got the best stats on items, the highest values on beasts, the most important reason i guess to be 130