rebeld Imgard next to the gate

Well, maybe I’m just an angry king trying to teach my pal to follow my orders but it seems like Imgard get bugged when next to the castle gate. It can’t be pushed to corners to destroy near by towers because it’s totally focused on the gate, so it goes back immediately. Sometimes the hero pass through the pal (o.o), most of times when it’s too close do the gate, so there’s always towers left to destroy. Please flare, could you take a look at this?

Also the fact Scream don’t work on Irmgard. Majority of time I always do 96% because Irmgard destroy the gate same if I want he follow me. So I cannot destroy the tower inside of the gate. During Ninja Event don’t use him or you fail. Its impossible to do 100% with Irmgard. Same if you try to destroy the tower after he cast his power. He will go in middle and destroy the gate

In order

tammy : are very close and follow the Hero same in a corner. No problem with scream. 100% easy

Kaiser : only tower in corner but push him solve the problem. Like irmgard he focus on the gate and you must hurry and destroy really fast tower inside of the gate if you want 100%

Irmgard : Powerful but hard to control him. Rarely do over 96% if there is many towers