Rebooting everytime I hit the people icon... Anyone else having that problem?

Is anyone else having trouble with thier game right now? Everytime I hit the icon (two little people) for mail, leaders board etc…my game reboots. I have sent in a bug report.

same here, this game’s suddenly restarted every time i tap the alliance icon button. another new bug? :slightly_frowning_face:

Same here. Also the leaderboard will only show the top 10. My alliance went from 110th place to 77th and now 31. I am not getting my medal bonus. I am on Android.

The worse part is that it is only 2am in Germany. Unless they are burning the midnight oil they won’t know there is a problem for a very long time.

yes same here. Now I  can’t connect. I’m playing on Windows 8 pc.

Issue seems to be fixed for me now. All the things are working. Alliance rank back above 100 :slightly_frowning_face:

Good news things seem to be working again.