Recalibrate/Reset the League Records


     I believe it’s time to reset/recalibrate the league records. Some (if not most) are out of proportion. Imagine scoring 500,000 or 1 million plus for breaking the record.

It might be possible for few but not for all.

How about resetting the records every year? Let it start from zero every year. In this way, it’s exciting and in many ways making more gems.

Any thoughts or experience?

As i know its resets every month or near it

Ok, can anybody confirm it?

My diamond league shows a record of 1,515,151. If anybody breaks it he gets 15,000 plus gems.

Wow! how can one get that? If one attacks a top player (not everybody can) 1-10 ranked player (50% medal bonus) he gets around 2000 medals/raid.

So it means to reach the figure I gave above the player has to attack 758 times in 3 days… or average 252 attacks per day (almost like 9 hours/day) and win all…crazy




Not for us, the mortal ones…

Yup, that’s why resetting could be a good idea. I mean, let everybody compete.  

In fact, my idea would be if a particular league score is hard to beat within 2 months it should be reset.


They do reset them, unless you have 3 days and a bucket of gems to spare, you won’t be getting the record :slight_smile:

You mean the league records are set after every league finishes or after few days.

Because every league I play already has a league record, which cannot be so high every time. It should be a fresh list if it gets reset after 3 days or when the next league starts.


What I would suggest is a bonus of gems on reaching a particular mark say 500 for 100k in a bronze league irrespective of rank.

That is a good idea.

I mean the leagues have different players from top 1 - the last. So getting medals will vary. Having a tier system to achieve could be interesting. 


It would be like an additional bonus.

I don’t think so, I think I still have Fii Nami in platinum League since September. I must check in 5 hours when I return in Platinum League

There is no a fixed time when those records resets, Flare does it from time to time but for sure less frequent than once a month.

There you go. FG see to some of the records out there. It’s insane, until you cheat you cannot reach those figures. Eg. I gave above (the medals value).

I don’t want to disclose the name. FG can easily find it.


Those records are well within reach only IF you have medal bonus, dedication, farmer set or maybe some sharing.  :grinning:

I would also say that in each league players should not have too much difference in the level / trophies between them. Now it is not that so there is equal force …