Recap, 13 fixes, 60 days, still Ongoing problems. Time to shorten patch cycle

Below are all ONLY updates that included bugs fixed in relation to v4, to highlight how long this had been broken, I’m in titans Revenge, we have still not had a single war that is part of a different war setup. 

#1 April 30 War blessing bug

#2 may 18  hero items selling bug

#3 may 22  hero unequipped items bug

#4 may 23 forging “bug” fixed  (unintended best feature of game IMHO)

#5 may 24  4.0.1 fixed game to work on old devices, hero statue stats bug

#6 may 30th- alliance sort bug(still issue 6/28),  strikes ending prematurely bug#1 (still issue 6/28) **  

#7 june 5th -  strikes ending prematurely bug#2 {still issue 6/28} , **    victory points calculation error bug#1 **{still issue 6/28}

JUNE5TH - gems given for war that war system should have given… First payment, but wasnt really a payment for issues…

#8 june 7th strikes ending prematurely bug#3 {still issue 6/28}

#9 june13th strikes ending prematurely bug#4 {still issue 6/28}

#10 June 14th war message bug

#11 june 15th server Blowing its load hardware /provisioning bug #1

#12 june 21st  matchmaking bug,  server Blowing its load hardware /provisioning (load testing bug #2,  1x1 war might mean your server will need 2 to 4 times the load capacity…)

#13 tbd june28?   strikes ending prematurely /no opponent bug#5 {still issue 6/28}

And it does not look like we will be getting through a war season any time soon. 

60 days later and still waiting… 

I have seen about 4 different bugs listed so far, and this is the 7th round of fixes, and my team titans Revenge has still yet to see anything new if the Alliance wars since the new version 4  was released .  @CaptainMorgan  i have a suggestion.

Can you accept that this is going to continue to be a problem?   Just accept this until we can get a clean war completed…


So turn prod into test…

Give all players an incentive… Like a free unique when war bugs are competed… And… 

Make the war kick off  after your next patch is competed,  

Setup your environment so you can make changes more quickly,  even so much as communicate this intent, take a backup,  once you have gathered next round of bugs, patch,  restore from backup and reset war 24 hours.  Let’s get all these problems fixed asap…


Time to take drastic actions!

This is just an example,  come up with what makes sense or is in realm of possibility, or what will help.  Please. 



**NOTE: i have noticed pattern, when you find a bug/problem related to a reported problem, FG assumes all reports are the same bug, when in reality there is at least 3 or more reasons strikes were ending and is STILL A PROBLEM ITERATION #4!  VP calculation is STILL A PROBLEM ITERATION #3!  Obviously there needs better tracking of issues,  DO NOT stop looking at code when  you uncover problem as there are historically more…)

Or is dead FG has no community manager to run OR soon this game will be all dead 

I’ve seen so many top players I respect leave the game. I see many complain, fewer who offer solutions.  I’m hoping we can salvage this, but frankly I’m not sure it is possible, but I’m trying to find ways to keep hope. 

the problem of these game like RR2,Nonstop Knight,evoker and the others have all in common

1.Lack of support

2.Lack of communication

3.Lack of fix

4.Lack of content

5.Lack of keep new players interest players leave the game died because no one to replace them because new player stop too

So we are in a bad loops each time : bugs arrive, not able to fix it in short time, player leave, new players come, see the product its not good, stop playing. Lack of content make top player boring and leave. Nobody to replace them. So after a while the game die and die and die

What have make all theses games die one by one? Nerf,nerf,nerf and the incompetence to balance and fix stuffs

in RR2 by example we still have day 1 bugs and we have new bugs who have arrive since 3.9.0 who still not fix. Lack of support,lack of communication. feature who don’t work,etc…and Flare don’t care about new player only top player. So

Sadly nothing Flare cannot do about this. Its too late. the number of players going down more and more each days. they have reach the point of no return. Too late. Whatever the update they will do or whatever the new content in the game

So like the majority I will play until all theses games die one by one. Until Flare put a lock in the door. Just see the unhealthy games. will not take long

PS : if the rumor is true thye are too much busy to work on their new games like : Flick Arena, Monster with Attitude and apparently 30 others soons. So they ignore the previous one and neglect each of them. Until they produce new ones they will neglect and ignore Flick Arena,Monster with attitude because busy with the new one and so on…

the reason why Dawn of Steel is died after 8 month or less, Throne of Wars deleted,Wartide deleted and maybe others. Produce new games then neglect previous one, produce new one and neglect previous one,produce new ones and neglect previous one and so on… A companies cannot work like this. Will never work

I hope this does not happen to Olypmus rising as it did with dawn of steel.

But thanks for sharing this guy info @Warriornator .

Now I am keeping my finger’s crossed for next war.

Let see if it going to be bug free or not as right now I am exhausted burning furies.


all depend what will happen in all the next month. With 4.1.0 and if OR can keep the new players playing level 1 to 100,etc… If new players are not interesting same with 4.1.0 I think CaptainMorgan cannot do much. OR have great content but I don’t know something make new players all stop. You can read in my topic About the Game and changes

I explain in details the problem and give the solution. However I am not in the place of player who stop so its really hard to give solution when you don’t know the real reason why they stop playing. I try. I don’t know if what I write make sense I don’t know.

Sadly there is no way to contact inactives person to give them a feedback with question to answer like :

1.Why you have stop?

A.Lack of Resources

B.Lack of Time

C.Too much long

2.What you think of OR?

A.Really Fun


C.Not fun


So CaptainMorgan have no clue what going on for new players and how to fix this. I don’t know maybe ask us to enter a e-mail in the game. So when some because inactives he can receive a feedback and the person can answer. I think everyone have a e-mail in 2018? right?

I think lack of tech resources is the key issue for FG right now. I don’t think FG wants to stop any game which is still popular, otherwise V4.0 will never come so hurry. However I do agree that without enough testing and debug, new version should never be released in prod. Users accept delay but don’t have patient to suffer from bugs. That’s why Blizzard chose delay rather than bugs. Creat something near to perfect is difficult, ruin a popular game is easy. It’s a choice of your team @CaptainMorgan

Besides, as I said in my other reply yesterday, I don’t care about gem compensation but do care about my alliance ranking. Due to the latest bug, my alliance was dropped to 10th from the TOP1 because my whole alliance was not able to join the war to gain scores. It’s the biggest unfair to me even you give 3 torches after war ends, because i’m 100% sure we can take full torches with our own capability, as long as my team are allowed to fight… Now with zero score, we have to catch up with the top ranking teams with so big score gaps, near to 1.5M , before we can take back our original position. Unfair to us!

On my topic is the point of collecting all the known issues, ensuring they are addressed, and changing the cycle to get this fixed sooner instead of waiting weeks what can be fixed now.


I read on the LINE chat problems with masteries, and other issues not mentioned here…   

I Will say thank you to fG for finally getting the game stable… 

Let’s see how the next Season goes. If it is nice and smooth then we can think about moving on to something fresher.