The reason games like this are so successful is player interaction via chat, private messages to individual players and/or a global chat. This game is thoroughly lacking in that area. Also, There is really little fun to being in an alliance. Your stuck in this little area waiting for people to show up to attack that you can’t even talk to. Also, there is really nothing lost when you get attacked. There is no feeling of loss. There is a lot of potential here and the graphics are amazing but it needs to be tweaked. Your going to get a lot of players leaving because there is not fun to be had with other players. I have been playing for 2 days and I am already pretty board with it.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

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yep - a chat system has been asked by almost every player here since the release. Still nothing ?

There is a feeling of loss - it just depends on how much you care about trophies and if you are pushing for leaderboard

however I can’t speak for everyone, but myself and others don’t really care about trophies anymore. All it gives is a % boost to gold earned, and at high levels gold is not in short supply. 

I do agree trophies are not that exciting… but its the only Challange there is… what else is there to do … Farmville… Trophies is the only exciting thing… and if you look at post over half are about winning or losing trophies…  Cause like I said before … that is all there is to this game… Hope fully once war starts or other updates… Things will change. but for now trophies is the only reason to play…



Tbh where can war even take this game. There is not much strategy. Its just resurrect and spend gems if you can’t win. There is no incentive to a war. You will only be able to attack who they decide spawns on your screen. You can’t seek out targets. U just sit there and get fed like a child.