Recent bad changes to RR2

Don’t see any other forum where I could post this, so putting it in here.

I will try to keep this as constructive as possible, so here are some points that I think were really bad decisions by Flare regarding RR2.

1.       Making basilisk towers not retreat at the castle gate. Where was the problem with that? Just because some people were complaining it was too hard for them? Yes, it required some skill to get 100% on bases with basilik towers at the gate back then, but this change made them simply worthless there. Solution: Undo this change, there was absolutely no need for it. (And just as a sidenote: No, I didn’t manage to beat these bases every time either.)

2.       Conquest No. 1: I won’t go into too many details of what’s wrong with conquest as it has been discussed aplenty elsewhere. Personally, I think the idea as such is great, but there is one major point that is just completely wrong and that is the fact that it runs 24/7 for several days and anything can happen at any given time. People have lives, people go to work, people need to sleep, people live in different time zones. Find a way to modify conquest so that actions are limited to a certain timeframe. One possible solution would be to make it round-based, although that would require a complete rework of the movement and battle system (and very likely more beyond that). How could this work out? Let me know and I’ll provide more details of how it maybe could.

3.       Conquest No. 2: Adjusting the tier system so that alliances would move up and down based on their ranking within a given tier instead of just the score from the last 3 conquests wasn’t such a bad idea. I think this change was actually welcomed by most players. However, you introduced this change after modying the matchmaking system so that chances were higher that alliances on a similar level would be matched, i.e. a more balanced matchmaking (not arguing that it is completely balanced now, but it’s going in that direction). With the new way of moving up and down these tiers, matchmaking should be back to being completely random. Why? Natural selection would then take care of which tier alliances should be in according to their strength, which works perfectly fine with this new system but didn’t with the old one. Thus, rewards would be handed out according to an alliance‘s strength (and skill within conquest) as well. Want big rewards, be in a top alliance (No, I’m not).

4.       Closing dungeon raids to prevent exploits. Fine, I can understand you want no exploits of any sort. Me and hopefully the majority of players don’t want that either. But closing dungeons ruined the whole league system because gaining medals from raiding normal player bases is as imbalanced as it possibly can be. Either fix how many medals are awared on a large scale, i.e. give lower players a better chance to earn high amounts of medals from raiding other players, or give the league system a complete overhaul so that lower players at least stand a chance at earning a decent amount of diamonds through leagues, not just a relatively small selection of players (in comparison to the total amount of players) that can beat top bases.

5.       Resetting league records after closing the dungeon raids came too early and was since never redone. Some league records were still set with mostly using dungeon raids after records were reset because they were running over 2 or 3 days and the reset was done too close to the date when the dungeons were closed. (Not like I was ever even close to setting a record myself, but this was simply wrong and bad timing.)

That’s the five major points I can think of right now. Got more? Feel free to add to it.

I pretty much agree with everything you said here. The only thing I don’t agree with is your first point. Basilik Towers still prevent players from getting 100% sometimes, but they were (and still are) only at the gate to prevent 100%, before the change. If this was reversed, then everyone with 2 basiliks by the gate would never have his opponents reach 3 stars. It’s nearly impossible to take down 2 Basilik towers by the gate before your troops take the gate down. This was a great change by flare, imho. I do want to point out, though, that if you want to prevent players from getting 100% today, don’t put Basilik Towers by the gate, they don’t take too long to take down. If you want a strong tower, put a high level snake tower (preferably 2 of them)