Recent in-game questionnaire and state of the game feedback

If you’ve noticed, recently (just a day or two ago) there was a questionnaire pop-up in game which, upon being licked, led you to a feedback-focused page, where you could answer on and specify how much you wanted or not wanted certain things in the game. I didn’t take screenshots of this, but hopefully most people know what I mean and have seen that pop-up in game.

The questionnaire concerned things such as:

  • How often would you like to see Conquest
  • How often would you like to see the Ninja Event
  • How long you think Conquest should last
  • And so on

To be honest, I think this was a great idea, as I was getting more and more frustrated with the state of the game, particularly the developers’ idea to severely reduce the ability to gain Pearls in the game, especially for Free 2 Play players or those who only spend money seldomly.

To give more context on what I mean, here are some (all?) of the recent changes that affected our ability to obtain Pearls in the game:

  • With the introduction of Conquest mode, the Ninja Event was made more scarce, meaning its schedule has been pushed back, especially at the beginning - due to how long Conquest lasted - which meant we could play the Ninja Event each… 4 weeks, instead of 2 (something like that).
  • Naturally, this instantly halved the frequency of Pearls we could obtain.
  • Somewhere in the middle of all this, a positive change happened, which was the only single one related to Pearsl - devs have decreased the lvl 12 Tier of Ninja Event down to 4700 Trophies (from 5000, I think?), which made reaching that tier quite a bit easier, especially for someone who’s in the level range of 110-120. While it is not that difficult to obtain trophies at that level, it is far more difficult to KEEP them, because all you get attacked by are lvl 130 players, which is a whole-nother issue on its own (only players between lvls 110-120 should be able to attack players of that same level range, and similarly so, the matchmaking should mostly show you bases of lvl 110-120 players, not lvl 130 players, which are FAR more difficult to raid successfully).
  • Conquest duration has been reduced, which meant we’ve seen the Ninja Event somewhat more often, although I’m not sure about that, as there were other events piled in between those periods, so I’m almost positive the Ninja Event frequency remaind the same, which now feels like once per either 3 or 4 weeks. And remember, before Conquest was introduced, Ninjas could be played each 2nd week, after each Alliance War.
  • Now we approach the most recent change, which is the introduction of Guardians. With this change, the Conquest rewards have suffered greatly, specifically the Pearl Chest, which is no longer there and has been replaced by the Guardian Chest. Now that the first Conquest with said Guardian Chests has finished, we can clearly see that devs decided to offer us even less pearls. Prior to this week’s Conquest, a Pearl Chest would give me around 5k Pearls, if I recall, and now the Guardian Chest gives maybe about 1k pearls, and is otherwise filled with Guardians and Pal Treats.

When you look at all those changes, the developers have SEVERELY reduced the amount of ‘free’ Pearls they give out to us. Let’s compare the situation from before Conquest and the current one.

  • Before: Ninja Event each 2 weeks (for me this meant either 8250 or 9000 Pearls) and the Pearl Chest from Conquest, which was about 5k or so, totaling to about ~14k pearlsl total from both Ninjas and Conquest per 2 or 3 weeks (depending on how long Conquest lasted).
  • Now: Ninja Event each 3 (if lucky) or 4 weeks (same here, 8250 or 9000 Pearls) and severe reduction of Pearls from Conquest, since they were replaced with Guardian Chest (~1k Pearls or so), totaling to about ~10k Pearls per 3 (if lucky) and mostly 4 weeks.

It is easy to see the developers are doing this on purpose, and most definitely because they woke up far too late and realized they were giving out too many pearls for free, as it is one of the most desired currencies in the game (debatably even more than Gems themselves), as it is the only currency that allows you to push past the general limits, including pretty much everything: buffing Items, buffing your castle defense via Towers, and your offense, via Spells.

There’s also one other thing that happend recently, and that is that some of the Guardians require Pearls to upgrade instead of Pal Treats, which means they also increased the demand for Pearls among players.

All this, with no doubt in my mind, had one main goal behind it: to increase the revenue. We now need more Pearls than ever in order to get better and are given the least of said Pearls than ever before. Combine these two factors and players are sure to get frustrated and spend more money on the game, just in order to obtain more Pearls.

Now, while I have no issue with you guys trying to make a buck for your work, which is your right and a pretty natural thing, I do not agree with how these changes were handled. Essentially, with all those patches as of late, there was not a single word written by you, the developers, about the reduction of the general Pearl income as well as increasing the demand for that currency.

That said, going back to the most recenet questionnaire, in the question that asked how often would I like to see Ninja Event, I very consciously chose that I would like to see it once per week, precisely because of how greatly you’ve reduced our access to Pearls. Having seen now what a Guardian Chest contains, which is FAR LESS Pearls than the Pearl Chest used to contain, I also voted for Conquest to be available far less frequently, being once per 4 weeks.

In the question related to how fun I’ve found the ‘regular raiding’, I’ve selected the least positive option, and for a good reason, which I explain below.

That said, the current situation is a bit problematic, as once more we’re back to the same old issue again, which is that long-term players had access to far many more Pearls than anyone who has started playing recently.

To summarize all the things I’ve laid out here, here are the few crucial changes I would like to see, in order to balance the game out:

  • General Matchmaking needs to be improved, especially for the lvls 100-130 Players. Players in the 100-110 bracket should be mostly shown enemies in that same level range, only rarely showing bases of players with levels higher than that. Similarly, players in the 110-120 level range should also mostly be presented with bases of players in that same level range, only rarely being presented with bases of lvl 130 players. Next, players in the 120-125 range should also have matchmaking catered to them, and lastly, players in the lvl 125-130 bracket should only be shown bases to attack in that same level range.
  • In addition to this, Matchmaking should also very much take into account the total number of Pearls each player within each of those level brackets has already SPENT on everything, including their towers, spells and items, with highest priority being given to Towers, as that’s what influences a players’ defense the most. Why? Because a player who’s lvl 120 and playing for 2 years will never have a base as strong as a player of the exact same level who’s been playing for 4 years, having amassed 3-5x times more Pearls than the first guy, thus having much more effective, forged and deadly Defense.
  • Lastly, the number of Trophies gained/lost, depending on whether you’re attacking a higher or a lower level player, should also be adjusted, so that situations where a much lower lvl player can grab like 10-30 Trophies from you, but from whom you will gain exactly 0 Trophies while trying to retaliate against. This is just dumb and is and actual hurdle of frustration when it comes to reaching the higher ‘tiers’ for the Ninja Event.
  • Conquest frequency is fine, but you guys really need to bring back the Pearl Chest and not have it flat out replaced with the Guardian Chest, which offers far less Pearls by comparison. Bring back the Pearl Chest to Conquest rewards, however make it contain less Pearl Chests than it did prior to the Guardians patch, since the Guardian Chest now also offers pearls. I think a good compromise would be for the new Pearl Chest to contain about a half of what the pre-Guardian Pearl Chest used to contain.
  • Given how rare Pearls have been made by you now, the Ninja Event really needs to return to its previous, 2-week rotation, and run ALONGSIDE the Conquest event. If you think that this will be too many things for players to focus on at once, which it very well may be, then the other solution is to reduce the higher Ninja Event Trophy tiers a bit further and/or increase the Pearl Rewards for them.
  • The most recent Defense level upgrade (Towers and Obstacles) happened about what, 2 months ago now? I think it is due time you gave us another level upgrade for Spells, in order to match the much stronger Defenses now. I realize that Guardian are supposed to help with this, but that shouldn’t mean delaying the Offense (Spell levels) upgrade by this much.
  • A general UI redesign is badly needed. I’m not only talking about Chat accessibility here, but the amount of ‘windows’ we have to click through in order to get to where we want, increases the chances of disconnecting while loading each of them. When I want to donate troops to my allies, I enter that screen, then leave, and if I want to donate Troops to another ally, there’s always a clear delay loading that screen up. And so, instead of trying to improve each single UI ‘instance’, I believe it’d do your game much better to just re-design its layers completely, as there’s just too many of them. The times you randomly disconnect while the game ‘loads up’ another window is far too frequent, and I’m talking from the perspective of playing this game on a PC, not a Mobile, which have far worse connections in general. This also includes the Conquest UI - far too many instances of UI, far too much backtracking, far too user-unfriendly and time consuming. You can do better than that.
  • Why are we punished for putting multiple items into the Forge when we try to claim them back? If I want to melt down a Pro Item during the Blacksmith event and put in too many items in there, I already have to pay 1-3m gold for putting each one in there. That is already the cost I’ve paid, so why do you punish me twice by not allowing me to reclaim that item? If the Melting has not finished, I should be able to retrieve that item, not have it be magically deleted. Nothing in the game itself states that this will happen, and I actually keep forgetting about this, losing precious Gold in the process. It’s silly.
  • Granny shop needs a real overhul. Ever since the Pro items were introduced, the vast majority of ‘general’ items, even the ‘red legendary’ ones, have become completely obsolete. That said, Granny shop should now also offer those red/legendary items for sale, because there are still at least a few of them that are highly desired, such as the Izor the Warbringer gloves, which I believe are the best gloves that have the Skull Perk, that is until you get the Horkos’ Curse gloves Pro item. I have some low level ones and have been unable to find another copy for like at least half a year now, which is frustrating. Allowing Granny shop to generate these red, 5* legendary items, would help to improve this situation greatly, not to mention that each and every single ‘Granny Event’ is a complete waste of both your and our time, as that shop offers nothing of value to lvl 100+ players. I’d even go as far as to say the shop starts becoming obsolete at around lvl 60, if my memory serves right.
  • The Medal Boost stat IS NOT REFLECTED on the raid/choosing enemy base screen at all, making it very difficult to gauge how many Medals you’ll be getting, disincentivizing people from trying to complete a ‘Medal’ set.
  • With how generally stronger Base Defense have become, including Pro and Conquest boosts, all the low-health units have generally become obsolete, except for perhaps Boosted Archers. Not even highly forged Frosters or Pyromaniacs that summon Dragons seem to be doing enough damage to towers respectively weak to Ice and Fire, which is saying a lot. This also ties to Janus being one of the worse Pro Pals; I’ve already mentioned this in the Janus feedback topic you’ve held - we either need low-cost units to be boosted in health, so that they can actually survive being summoned by Janus, or a completely new unit that’s cheap but generally more healthy than a boosted Archer or even a Monk. The game is nearly fully pushed into focusing on high-health Monster units, while the humane-like ones, with the exception of Vikings, have become generally ineffective.

That’s it for this lengty feedback from me.

What did you guys vote for in the questionnaire? Did you choose to have Conquest appear more or less often? What about the Ninja Event frequency? And, perhaps most importantly, what do you think of the current Pearl situation, where FlareGames has made obtaining them much more difficult and scarce?

I won’t read that all. But about that survey. They didn’t ask what we like/dislike about war and ninja. Only about conquest. They should start to listen to people about improving war and ninja, not just conquest

I voted Conquest once a month, and ninja and war to be more often. Ninja every other week

I had to skip the survey because I had messages at work to hurry and help the alliance. So again conquest disrupted my work, interfered with actual life, and I did not have time for survey as I was hurrying to respond to the messages. Nice timing on asking opinions…

I didn’t see it, maybe it will come back

did you answer the survey? why this topic?