Recording screen

I have recorded the battles before but the camera has now disappeared. Does anyone know how to get it back?
iPad 2018
Latest iOS

I searched in Japanese.I hope it’s a useful reference

Open the photo app.
・Tap [Album] at the bottom right of the screen.
・Tap [Recently deleted items].
・To restore the photos / videos in it, tap [Select] at the top right of the screen.
・Tap [Restore All] at the bottom right of the screen.
Method 2: Restore from other apps
Method 3: Restore from backup

There are other ways to do this on this site.

Thank you for replying but I should have explained myself in a better way. It’s the in game ability to record that has disappeared. I used to have a :movie_camera: icon under settings which allowed me to record screen but it has disappeared.

I’m playing RR2 on my Android emulator. The camera remains.
PC can shoot with Xbox, Windows key and Alt and G or print screen key.

I borrowed an ipad from my husband to check it, but it certainly doesn’t have a camera.

Certainly, iPhone and iPad users also need a camera.

I’m on iOS and I can record.

Go to settings and scroll down until you find RR2. When you tap it, you should see a screen like this…

Then you just need to change the setting. I guess “photo only” also allows video.

Hopefully that helps.

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