Hello every one out there we are called WAR WARRIORS we are an excellent alliance with a lot of experience we have a great core with organize members and world wide class members to support give advice educate to make members know the mechanics of the game to compete for high rewards we have spots to fill and we need members with at least 50 k donation daily also many high rank positions available like officers and captains we are grade 137 and have 59 torches and won 2 consecutive wars in a row going for 3 strait so if you are up for a challenge and you want to grow with us in this wonderful venture with the wright amount that was mentioned here you are more then welcome to join thank you in advance HERCULES 1676.

Come & join us - we have just won our 4th war in a row.  English speaking, we share tactics & strategies, help each oth with testing defences and are a good chatty bunch.  We ask you for min daily donation of 50k and active war participation.  If you get involved and communicate well then promotion will be your reward.  

Search ?War Warriors?


Guys this is a great alliance to join with if you are active and want to have fun and win. great leadership and advice to be a better player