(RECRUIT) Deadpool Alliance! Strong alliance with 100% participation in wars and ninja events.


Current Level 8

(Created 03rd July 2018)


100% participation in wars and ninja events

100% active leaders and generals


Leader: King Aditya Kumar


If you think, you are capable, you can join.



Player Level 30+

Donation 20k+

Trophies 900+

Activeness: 2 hours in 2 days. (at least)

Must donate 10 troops daily (at least)


Note: We want only active players. Players offline for more than 4 days without information to anybody will be kicked off. If you want to go inactive, tell the leader, the time when you will be active again (max 12 days).


Our alliance is currently low level. But son, we will reach heights.



All players with

Player Level 65+

Donation 75k+

Trophies 1200+

Will be Generals.




Hey, sounds like a great new alliance. One problem with it is that the players that have player level 40 won’t be joining a level 7 alliance. I think you should bump down your player level requirements a notch lol. Also, you should never force a player to play a certain amount of time. It makes the game less fun for them, making it less like a game and more like a job. Anyway, looking forward to seeing your updates when the alliance grows. Good luck!

Thanks for some information. I have changed the requirements. The problem with alliance level is not a big problem for me. I have reached lvl 21 in a month when my donation was only 50k. We need some good and loyal generals. Now, I am giving members to different alliances. But, this time, I am unable to help myself.

Also one more change you need to make. While it is important to donate troops, that really shouldn’t be a requirement. All players will donate when they can, and you can’t have 10+ donations per day as a requirement. What if a player is online while nobody or only one or two people are online? What if there is nobody to donate too? I understand that donations are important, but you should trust that your members will donate to fellow alliance mates when they need the troops

That’s because some are not donating anything even if they have.