Recruiting 75+ Kings for TOP TWENTY Alliance

Kings in level 75 or above are welcome to join our alliance, ROYAL LEGENDS. We are recruiting active players who want to have a good time in the game, and who are willing to share experiences and strategies in our Facebook Group (search for “Legendary Herosâ€).


Requirements for candidacies:

·       King Level: 75 or above

·       Trophies: 3500 or above

·       Alliance Tower Level: 6 or above

·       Facebook account: active


Those who are willing to join us and meet the requirements, please request join our Facebook Group first:


Let your King rule and Royal Legends prevail!!

Please consider me, I am a active player looking for other active players. My name in the game is dels



Please request to join in our Facebook Group. We are a very active group!

Dels i have accepted your request to join in our alliance , so join soon in our FB group , our FB group link is given by alenes above and what is your FB name so that i will accept your request…