Recruiting for good fighters

We’re looking for people who play often and want to advance. We have a large group and we’re in a position to jump ahead but we need people who will stick with it.

We’re not religious about the game so if you miss a day no one will kick you, we just want some people who will donate, contribute, and stick around. We have a wide variety of spoken languages (Russian, English, Ukrainian, Japanese…) so all are invited. Submit your name below for an invite.

Hi, are you still looking for members?

My friend (fairly new player) is looking for a japanese alliance. It’s hard to find one though.

Do you have space? Or know of an alliance?

Thanks :slight_smile:

My name is Prayag_S. I am a level 16 king with around 700 trophies.

What rank is your alliance? We offer our clan “darkblood knights” rank 500ish as a recruiting center of tried & tested recruits to different alliances. As well as accept recruits from lower alliances to weed out the ones up to scratch & raise/train the ones who are.