Recruiting Generals

I have an alliance called “The Grove Street”. It grew from 0 to 14 members in just 3-4 days. I’ve spent alot of tile upgrading the alliance to get more space and stuff but it’s getting hard after a while. I also need someone who can answear questions and stuff if people in the alliance have a question.

Requirements for being a General:

*You need to speak good enough English for people to understand.

*You have to donate 100k gold to the Alliance. You can pay like 10k each day in 10 days to finish the payment or 50k each day in 2 days. I think you’ve got the point.

*At least level 18.

*You have to be active.

* “With great power comes great responsibility.” - Peter Parker.

This list may be bigger in the future.

What a general can do:

*Invite other players into the alliance

*Accept membership requests

*Fire soldiers from the Alliance (You’re not supposed to use this)

*Can decide to spend the alliance’s treasure on elite boosts or new levels.

Requirements for being a normal member:

*None :slight_smile:

MEMBERS: 14/17 - 10th of May 2015



Hey, Mannepupp! Good luck and loot to you and your budding alliance! (but preferrably not MY loot)  :grinning:


As for general requirements, a lot of it depends on your level of competitiveness for your alliance, what you want out of it. I think your requirements are reasonable and fairly strong; I personally agree quite emphatically with the language requirement–with all the power that a general has, communication is essential. (I also appreciate the Peter Parker quote! :wink: