Recruiting New Zealand (nz) players

Looking to meet other nz based players, to play and learn together.


I am no elite player (2900 trophy range), but I do play daily and keen to progress. If you are also a regular player of this game and based around nz time zone, I would like to invite you to join my alliance “Rapid Response Team”. It’s not going to be a hardcore guild but because spaces are limited so please be committed.


see you in game


How many people in it


Legends craft

How many members do you have so far? Couldn’t find your Alliance?? I’m a kiwi :slight_smile:

Only me and my wife at the moment, we only got the alliance feature yesterday.

If you search the word “rapid” in Alliances Leaderboard, it should come up.

Good to know there’s more female players out there :slight_smile: