Recruiting tedium

What is the definition of a game?

Any definition must include the word “fun”".  Constantly having to recruit and recruit and recruit in a futile effort to keep any alliance full is NOT fun. It is work and tedium. A great many top 200 alliances are hardly ever full. And I’d bet most have at least 10 players that aren’t very active but can’t be kicked because the alliance would have too many open spots and look like it’s collapsing.

Let’s say 41 players bust their butts fighting in 4 wars at once, but the alliance doesn’t get a full 45 players to fight. So they lose the wars and the active players who did their best wasted their time. This also is NOT fun.

It is almost impossible to keep a top 200 alliance full with players higher than lvl 100 who are active and donate ≥500k. I suspect many of us are recycling the same group of semi-active players ≥ lvl 100. You kick them, we pick them up. We kick them, you pick them up…Repeat.

Not fun. Been going on over 1 year. Will 4.0 fix? Spending hours every week recruiting? Insane.

If you want to have your own alliance- there is a pay for it.

if you want fun- just be a soldier.

if you have big ego and want to have alliance- you need to spent time and donate gold


seems normal.

The game has a good portion of active loyal players but most of them are permanent old players of various old alliances, and also as you said they go back and forth from alliance to alliance (mercenaries) for the war. The majority of players below that threshold of top 200 alliances just play casual otherwise they would be already in a more top alliance. But it’s all about having the fortune to have some friends who are willing to sacrifice their time to help your recruitment job. But you have also to consider that most casual players are interested to be in a top alliance as soon as they look the alliance leaderboard and see the top 10 alliances, easy and simple. This because most casual players are young teenagers and you can’t expect from them to be loyal fully 100% to an alliance. Who would be? That’s because you don’t have the mentality of an authority, respect, etc at that age…you just think to enjoy life around and therefore not giving interest on these things.

Also i’m pretty sure from the moment you spend some money, it’s like you are investing them on something like shares. And from this moment on you are less willing to act “stupidly” around  the game, you rather play more as a worker (?) player and you play more frequently and more faithfully, increasing the chance to have a loyal member in the alliance.

Not true.

I know a lot of leaders in this game. Most are great persons and surely do not do this hard job to serve their own ego.

The truth is, it is much too hard to compete against the established Alliances. It should be easier. One more reason why we do not need more alliance levels.

Who wants to spend at least three years to be able to compete with the top 10, even if you do everything right and manage to have a great team over all this time?

The truth is, Flare is protecting old alliances, gathering players with the biggest wallets, not talent. But there are a lot of smaller Alliances with good spenders. But they really do not stand a chance because Flare favors those organized spenders. They should stop listening to them and make changes favoring not those with the biggest mouths.

And to support the original poster: Yes, recruiting is difficult. Also it is very time consuming to be leader. Flare should make it easier. There have been some good suggestions, but none have been heard. Like accepting requests of players only in a defined range. Better messages to your Alliance. Better Chats. Better handling / surveillance of donations. Making a description of your Alliance available to interested players… And so on…

Still think - if youbwant to have fun just be a soldier. Thats all

It remembers Formula1 and soccer.

Recruiting is difficult especially if there are a lot of free spaces/places/slots.

Actually there are about 200k active players. When I started playing this game, players with 600 trophies correspond to about 265kth ranking.

Be a soldier or lazy general. Best thing you can do :wink: It’s relaxing and much more fun

I have no idea why it would be easy to lead alliance. It was hard when i did it in Phoenix 2 years ago, and its hard even now.

may be for VL and Todes NOW( 2 years ago it was nightmare) its really easy, but only cuz everyone want to join top alliance.

but for other alliances its not easy and will never be.

So many old players quitting ?? Our alliance is looking for new active players!

If you press  translation。。。

If you can understand my Japanese tweet
Or if you can copy and trace so that you can easily translate chat

Do you think it is interesting? There is probably someone who likes it (Someone may decisively dislike it)

When this can be easily done,

I think that it is interesting even if you are in any country’s alliance.

The leader can not move anywhere…It’s like waiting for a bee for like a flower.

Of course, I am also a bee that creates ways to fight ,too. If I do not fight, nobody…will not like my nest.

Sometimes ,The behavior that I think as good for profit is also sad . I have no choice but to continue defense and my research.


Some things that might help. 1) Put top 5 alliances in an elite champions league with different everything customized to them. Meanwhile, every other alliance has a different, optimized rules and reward system. 2) make alliances smaller, or at least make only top 30 scores count. 3) have a war season within a war season, 5 captains appointed, 3 battles each (few want a slog) battle for separate alliance reward.

Need to find a way not to penalize players for their alliance not being full, or for semi-active players ruining the score. 

The new update looks promising, and I hope it does something to deal with the recruiting problem, which continues to worsen. Filling an alliance with ACTIVE players above lvl 100 and who donate ≥500k is extremely difficult. High lvl players are leaving RR2 faster than they can be replaced. 

It’s a natural progression to have senior players leave the game for one reason or another, but when it takes years to rise to a high lvl with a strong base, that is a big problem for Flare.  And if newbies realize it takes years and $$$ to get anywhere near the top 5000, how many have that kind of patience?

3 years ago it didn’t take anywhere near as long as it does now to reach a top 200 alliance status. And likely because of this, players qualified for top 200 alliances were more plentiful than they are now.

Not sure how Flare can fix this, but they may have made a fatal mistake by designing a game that takes years to advance in. Let’s say the new expansion adds one more year to the time it takes to ~max out. What percentage of players who try the game will stick around 3 years? When alliances that are several years old collapse due to lack of new blood, what % of the remaining players move to a new alliance vs quit?

It is not difficult to gather good players. There are not that active players as u think. If any low level alliance want players, contact King Aditya Kumar in the game. I will get players as per the level and condition of ur alliance. Also will give you some tips to grow/

Players above 3000 trophies is still constant, but players <3000 trophies is at least half reduced.

As Creed, from The Office so famously said, “You get paid more to be a leader, but it’s more fun to be a follower” :lol: 

Start with the man in the mirror. Close down your alliance and join other bigger alliances.



Even if you want to make an alliance, make it. But don’t blame that no one have joined. But this never happened with me. People are even joining my level 4 alliance. I know the best tips to start a god alliance but I found that it is useless to start an new. You can better join some high level alliance and be a soldier instead of being a leader or general. Collecting pals, good players with 100% participation is the most difficult thing. If you want some tips, players, then contact me in the game- King Aditya Kumar

Numerous top 20 alliances are no more. Even more top 100 alliances have dissolved. 

Many alliances have core groups that have been together years. In some cases this might be the only reason they still play rr2. 

If players decide to take your advice as the only solution, I doubt RR2 will exist in another year. Indeed, one reason the number of players is way down may be because they spend a year growing up in an alliance that then falls apart. Some players will be purely mercenary and happy to jump from alliance to alliance to whoever cuts them the better deal (better boosts, subscription gems etc). Others want to build something, like stability, people they know and aren’t just hanging around waiting for a “better offer”.

That wasn’t an advice. That was sarcasm to prove a point that no one wants to close down their alliances. Your suggestion on making alliances smaller is just a variation of that effect, albeit smaller, i.e some players will be forced to leave their own alliance if your suggestion is implemented.


On a more serious note, the only solution to this problem is to get more players into the game, not any suggestion to redistribute the “cake” and affect other existing alliances who may have their members like a small family already. Unless of course it is out of your own volition to merge with another alliance, let alliances have their own pace, be it big or small.

It is absolutely normal that " 3 years ago it didn’t take anywhere near as long as it does now to reach a top 200 alliance status.", game is changing, expanding. Some alliances are old or very old and you cant just jump to where they are now in 3 months just because you are willing to do it. For the same reason I am not going to cry because I am not as strong after 1 year of playing as someone who played 2-3-4 years.

If someone want to play he is searching for an alliance filled with people who care and play. When you got better and you feel that your alliance is slowing you down/ is poorly managed you are leaving it behind. Long story short people are climbing up ranks and want to play in good alliances with active players. My previous alliance died because leader wanted make it big and later start using boosts, he didnt realised that people didnt wanted to stay/play as soon as they realised this, because at some point you cant progress without boosted units. You have to take care of both quality and quantity aspects. Thats why you cant go easily into top anymore, after so many years, there are many solid alliances filled with dedicated players. It is not hard to find a new player for an alliance, it is hard to find a good one to maintain or improve daily donations/trophy count/ninja points.

Its also perfectly standard situation from statistical point of view, just look at Gaussian distribution, it is the same as wit h IQ and many other things in nature. High lvl, experienced and old players- old in terms of how long they play this game- are on the very right side of the Gauss curve. Top 200 alliances will never be easily accessible and are always going to be a small chunk, ~13k players vs ~200k players.

" Let’s say the new expansion adds one more year to the time it takes to ~max out. What percentage of players who try the game will stick around 3 years?" Do you want it to be finished entirely by casual(Im not going to mention players who quit after few days and there are plenty of them) player within 3-5 months? Are they going to stay and play on a regular basis after??

Game is changing for better but there are still  plenty of things that could be improved. I hope they will be in the near future and the new update will implement them into the game.