Recruitment for Revolutionary Army!

Hey all,


Started the game not too long ago and looking for an alliance to join? 

Please come to Revolutionary Army!


A great alliance looking to grow bigger with the right members.


Alliance name- Revolutionary Army!


Alliance level- Lvl 8


Alliance leaderboard- 5056. 


Members- 8/13. 5 slots open


Requirements:  Don’t ask for much. (1) Lvl 15+, (2) Donate 2k everyday (Should have plans of upgrading) and (3) participate in wars. 


Language prefered- English





Requirements for a General as i haven’t appointed any yet.


(1) Donate 50k everyday 

(2) Lvl 40+

(3) 1800-2000 skulls per war front.

(4) Loyal


Send in your IGN’s and i  shall invite you or simply join the alliance!


Hope to see you join the alliance and have fun. Thanks :slight_smile: