Recruitment TOP50 "Ukrainian Heroes"

Yo! We are looking for active players for top50-top100 alliance Ukrainian Heroes.

We are one of the oldest alliances, started from the very first alliance week. Very friendly, speaking english russian and ukrainian.

Naturally no real money donations required, just fair play.

Looking for you


IGN: King Aditya Kumar


Sorry. 150k alliance tower is not enough for top50 alliance. We wish you a great game.

I am going to have 250k in this week. and level 80+ too

Top 50-100 are usually looking for 750k or more. 

Yeah, usually alliances only let you visit for a few days if you have 250k. @MagischerKoenig was kind enough to have me in LBF for a week (maybe it was two, I don’t remember). Trust me, you don’t want to be in a top alliance until you have higher donations and a much stronger hero. It’s very tough work and if you visit a top alliance, it really makes you appreciate how hard it is for them to attack


We still need 5 active powerplayers)

If your donation 750k+, hero level 100+ and you are looking for your team - we are waiting for you!