(Recruting) INDIA Top50 alliance

Alliance name : India (level80) Alliance headquarters lvl8 and soon lvl9 

  • If you meet the requirements, sending me a friend request is the best way to be put under consideration for entry to the alliance. (IGN: Shivam The Lord )
  • Alliance rank fluctuates between top #40-50.
  • We are in the top 2nd tier of Conquest.
  • We have lots of nationalities within the alliance, so as long as you are willing to communicate in any language, you are welcome. (Main chat language is English)
  • If you become a valuable trusted member, there is every chance for you to become a general.

Requirements: We are looking for active, communicative players that meet our requirements of: $1,000,000+ donation and 4000+ trophies (level 110 / level 115+ hero preferred). Activity requirements are donating daily, trying your best in Wars, participating in Conquest, Ninja, and usually the Pro League. 

Boosts: We have every Pro League boost maxed at level 4 and active 24/7. We also have Dracomancers and all of the good Elite boosts active. We currently have all of the Conquest boosts active as well. As of now our some boosts are cutoff for collecting gold for upgrading headquarters buildings but we’ll activate them soon.

Defense Beast: The alliance has Level 2 Celestial Phoebe (soon level 3) and level 8 Primal Howl (soon level 9)

IGN: Shivam The Lord - India Leader