Red font for General in game chat

The update to change the font color of different roles in game chat was great - but several members in our alliance find the red font for the General to be extremely hard to read against the blue background. Those messages are important to read so please change the color from red to something easier to read against the blue

Update: I made a new post, but Ill put it here as well. My alliance members are now saying they have to squint to read my chat. I take that personally.

The problem is the blue against blue for veterans and captains. The white is still the best (but sadly it is now only for foot soldiers).

But with the revamp with the chat system, the whole system now sucks regardless of the colour. :wink:

I was previously able to read the Founder’s chats.  I no longer can.  Not because of the color.  Because of the new reduced size.  I can read other members’ chats fine.  So in the end, maybe some colors are better than others as they get smaller.

I can no longer read most of the alliances messages because of the reduced font size. 

I take back what I posted earlier. My alliance members are now saying they have to squint to read my chat.

I have an issue with the red font and chat size now.



If we already have Colorsets for the Heroes outfits, why not let the General customize  the background and fonts colors?

In general, I think  black  background works the best.

Maybe the new fonts size is optimized for larger screens on laptops/PCs or tablets but not for cell phones?

I think they did all their testing on full size monitors and never tested it on the devices most players use. I can’t think of any other explanation.  I mean the only other one is that they didn’t QC any of this at all and just pushed it out, which maybe isn’t so far fetched. Either way, holy cow.

We can create a poll to know the players’ devices screen size, but again, not all players are visiting the forum.

Even on a tablet it’s almost impossible to read.

I tested my tablets. It’s okay on 10" but not on 8" screen size.

I’m pretty sure they already know exactly what kind of devices, Os, hardware and display sizes of all the players … the software knows it, they can just fetch it back. And if they don’t yet, they can do it easily, automatically. That’d be better than any poll on forums.


Yep, OR but also many other games are tracking hardware, OS, geolocation info, etc.from our devices.

I am using samsung tablet, not sure the screen size though but it is a little bit smaller than iPad Mini. I can read the messages but they are too small, my face has to be near the screen to do so. Not good.

Almost no one in my alliance can read the tiny font size now, regradless of color. We’re all taking screenshots of chat so we can expand it to read it. Very unhelpful. Chat frequency has decreased. 

Use Line or Discord app. Game chat is useless now. We abandoned it.

As @dumpster mentioned, maybe they didn’t perform all the necessary Quality Control.

Let’s do some QC ourselves.

One of the problems is the contrast. You get a better and higher contrast with black background instead of blue.

You can test here:


The iPad Mini screen size is 7.9". Yeah, 8" or less is not optimized for the new Chat.

Ha. Good!  My 4.7" iPhone6 screen is hardly readable and was starting to make me feel old.  I can still read some of it.  Hahaha