Just put back Tammy!  (Jokes are funny, but be professional!)  April Fools is over!  We’re so proud of you you realized the word Pal is in Paladin!  Joke landed (not really).  Put Tammy back now.

What’re you talking about? Tammy is still there the whole time. Flare just duplicated Tammy and change his appearance to Paladin. You can choose whether using Tammy ver. or Pal-a-din ver. because their statistics are same.

Tammy is still there… what are you complaining about?

Nobody forces you to use the paladin pal. Just use Tammy if you don’t like him

Tammy’s not showing up for me.

I’m using an older Android tablet. 

Maybe it’s an error.

Definetly an error. Please contact fl…oh, wait, they don’t work weekends…

Yeah, I tried my other devices; and it’s just fine.