Redeeming invocations

I think that invocations should be redeemed to the defender as gems with the amount they cost the attacker.

at least, if not fully then 75%



If the attacker spends gems during his attack, part of these gems is credited to the defender :grinning:

Yes. But i say, it would be more fair the defender will be credited with the full amount, not just part of it.

real life - we cannot defend against invocations… And it cost us with trophies. So atleast we should have compensation with gems. Amount that counts something…


Agreed. Ive only ever noticed 1 gem per invo from looking at the heatmap… not very rewarding for having a good defense. should atleast get 50%

I agree it could be more but I’m ok with 1 gem.

just count your blessings (no pun intended) that you get gems for defense ?

another solution would be to add events or something with gems as the reward so there are multiple ways to accumulate them.