Redistribute how Gems are awarded:

Flare, we all know why you give players free gems. You give players free gems to get them into the habit of spending gems. But yet, some people are taking advantage of this system to get gems for free, hurting both the fair players as well as your wallets. I believe that there’s a way to solve both problem.

The solution, in my opinion, is to redistribute the gems. Give out the same amount of gems (or even more) throughout the gameplay, and give out none at the beginning. This lack of free gems at the beginning will prevent people from ploughing, which hurts both us and you. However, by then giving out those same gems over the course of the gameplay, you’re then getting players into the habit of spending. I also believe that giving gems late-game can increase spending moreso than in early-game. In early game, you’re like “Wow, those gems p*ssed themselves away real quick. Why would I buy anymore?” Whereas in late game you’re like “Ughhh, my upgrades are going so slow… Hey, look, 500 more gems! Hmmm… If I just spent $5, I could buy another worker!”

All in all, redistributing gems from the beginning of the game to the rest of the game would:

  1. Keep the game fair for us players

  2. Force otherwise cheaters to have to spend money

  3. Tempt players to spend real money to compliment the gems you give them throughout the game.

This is beneficial to both of us. Please, redistribute the gems. And if you’re a player that agrees, please like this post so that Flare will take notice.

Add even more quest that reward you with gems like alliance quests(example reach level 20, reach level 50, active specific boost, etc), alliance  war quests (conquer 5 fiefdom in 1 war season, conquer 8 fiefdoms, etc) monsters quest (spawn 500 mummies, spawn 5000 mummies,etc ) and so on =)


About starting gems

Flare gives lot of gems at the beginners to capture the thing you said “wow those gems are a lot. why i should buy other anymore?” as also other type of games like this you will see always starter bunch of gems to keep the player to play and to not show a game lack of gems and lacked of features.


To not forget that we are waiting for daily rewards =)