Reduce battle switch or balance

like the title says 

reduce the cost of switching to another battle

it is now very expensive and most of the results i get are to high

constantly switching to find people that are reasonable to battle can cost up to 100k

there is a work around…but that really is a pain

ill suggest how to improve that work around in 3>



solution to this

1>find a different way to balance out the results when searching for a battle

2>reduce the cost 50 to 80% when choosing for another result


3>using the leaderboards is a work around for choosing but it is a pain scrolling around there

    but then it is free to not choose 1 battle and check out another1



    Solution> have more then 10(ish) results showup like a result of atleast 20down+up so 40-50 per page

    i now see top 10 list also…should seperate your personal scorebord standing / and the top10

    thatway there will be more room to embed more results around my own scoring

    and people that wanna checkout the top10 just click the top10

Well i do not have any problems with switch over amount.i do not have any favourite list so i always attack on the players which i find suitable from matchmaker.i know switching from player to player requires some good amount of coins but you can easily get that from your upgraded taverns only.also i usually attack on players who give me at least 100k,so the total money which i get after adding alliance bonus and gold boost from items is sufficient that is why if i spend some coins on switching players that amount is nothing as compare to which i get from raids.

But i like the second idea of leader board search,it is seriously hectic to scroll down/up there…

Yeah this is really the most aggravating part of the game… I can’t find good gold to save my life somedays…



Improving this some way would go a long way…

The thing is, switching costs keep rising, and your upgrade costs as well. 


When you find yourself in need of at least 4 million gold for the cheapest  of your upgrades, and each “skip enemy” costs you close to 3k gold, and the average offered loot on opponents is still between 70-120k gold, then… you know… it gets kinda hard to get enough gold for even one single upgrade. I know of players that regularly spend hundreds of thousands of gold just for skipping enemies and searching for enemies with a high enough loot to be worth the 200+ food that each attack costs you… and then, the question is, is it worth spending 200k just on “skip enemy” only to find an opponent with 200-300k more loot (if you are lucky)? 

Yes :wink:

I could appreciate a better search engine but it is not needed or requested by me seeing as it is player choice to spend the money to search for a new enemy and the costs only becomes expensive because of levels.  And to me it is honestly not hard to find enemies in the leaderboards, I check 20 above or 20 below or Alliances around Us rather and then the Tournament before I spend money to search for an enemy unless I already have gold.  A easier search function would take away from the challenge intended by the game I feel.

Am I the only player here who got an “enhanced search” from the start?


I looked at the matchmaking and after 2 days, I disliked it.

So I thought about the possibilites we got and now I just click on my trophies (search a specific player) and type 1-2 random letters (aj,xr,uh,et,u,i,kb),

then I receive a list of 5-20 player whom I’ll take a closer look.

If there are no suitable enemies, I just enter the next random numbers and continue.


Until there is a better matchmaking system, this is how me & my alliance does it. :slight_smile: