Reduce Cost of Blessings

These blessings are far to expensive to begin with

also I read that these will be nerfed, i hope you know what your doing as you nerfed towers/troops in last update as well…

this is going to make it even harder to earn trophies on defense, and I hope if you implement this you make it to where if you lose an attack you lose trophies

I don’t think there is a need to nerf blessings… Just fix the matchmaking and have people show up on their map that are actually around their level.

but if your going to nerf blessings at least reduce the cost of them

but don’t worry the spearman buff will save us all ?


i want to say this update will be good, but not liking the sound of it - to many things just seem unnecessary and don’t make sense

i am happy that they are doing something about the trophy system but concerned about it as well. They said they fixed it in last update as well…

guess I’ll wait and see

I agree with this.  

Top 10 still in control by level 20s and 30s mostly. My cups are still going down making my gold income less. (Why did the gold looted get reduced?!)

I got a couple players I’m not attacking. Not worth the cups or gems spent and they seem to be regular opponents I see. Haven’t notice anyone near my level yet, did the update not happen yet? Was it just an overview that’s going to be implemented soon? theres never any notice in game it has being updated, that I’ve noticed.

I hate blessings… They just encourage people not to fight you as they are right now… Some are still too powerfull…

Glad to see they are getting looked at. And glad to see some powers and invocations are getting nerfed too.