Reduce Game time demand

A few games are popping up telling us how easy they are to play, nearly playing themselves. And yet OR is at an opposite end of these games. Some of us find that wars are a placing a tough demand on players’ time. This is leading to unhealthy behavior with players waking up in the middle of the night to meet their expectations from their alliance. In the long run this is unsustainable and causing players to quit.

Part of the reason for this is having a totally flexible attacking system whereby players can bank up to 24 hrs worth of attacks and release them at will. I think this was created to provide more flexibility for players, but in fact created more time pressure problems. So this creates game pressure and anxiety, especially when islands are ending. The practice of Ninja attacks makes this even more so, particularity in Titan League.

I think we all have a responsibility to ensure each other’s health and wellness. We also need to keep in mind the global scope of the game and ensuring players are getting a good night sleep. The start or end time of battles should not impact on sleeping patterns.

So how do we ensure that the game continues to be exciting, rewards the better teams and simultaneously reduces the impact on player’s lives?

The solution may be simple.

Define and simultaneously limit the number of attacks per island:

  1. Define a number of attacks per island.
  2. This should be the same as the fury recharge available (an 16 hour island gets 4 attacks per player).
  3. If the attacks are not made they are forfeited.

This will alleviate the need to wait for your attacks “just in case” and can execute them at your relative leisure. As soon as a strike is made players will know they x hours to make y strikes. No timing, no watching, no anxiety.

Another option that could help is to materially reduce the amount of fury available - having to do 60 attacks in a weekend is possibly a little too much. If each attack lasts 3 mins (including planning, reading team directions etc) that’s 3 non stop hours on the game. That’s not including the usual forging, local island attacks, opening chests etc.

So to summarize, my post is about making the game more time friendly, more well-being friendly and a healthier pastime than it currently is.

Ideas and builds welcome…

I am in favor of this. Agree. You have my vote


I also agree. The game is simply taking too much of my time especially on weekends.


I also agree…


We need a better way to get gold or some way to make odysseys cheaper… more prestige levels

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I too agree to your point.


I also agree Makes life healthier

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playing just 1 account might help too


I agree and disagree at the same time. For me the war duration is too long, it could be 1 day less. Your solution to define a number of attacks per island is not gonna bring the expected results. Let me give you an example, team 1 with 45 players that score average 80K+ and team 2 with 50 players that score average 30K+, if you introduce an attack limit, team 2 could win by just making a few attacks per island. I don’t think that’s fair, it’s a luxury TL problem and TL should stay competitive. That doesn’t mean that I don’t agree with a reduced game time, reduce war lenght to 1 and 2 days and making odysee a lot cheaper would help a lot.


Having shorter Wars, or Wars with less Fury involved is something we do consider. With the next update we will be adding a backend feature which makes it easier for us to introduce new types of War balancing, so hopefully we will be able to invest time into looking at future changes after the next version.


Closing to free up votes.

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