Reduce Scrolling in Forge Item List

So, when scrolling through some screens, e.g., troop list, powers, invocations, you can go into an item menu and then back out to the same point in the list that you were at before you entered the submenu.

It would be great if the list of items in the forge operated in a similar fashion. For those of us that may have over a hundred items on the forge at once, that is an incredible amount of unneeded effort to scroll down dozens and dozens of times to get to the next item.

After we hit finish forge and then return back to the list, please consider having us return to the same point in the list that we just left. That would save a lot of busywork.

That’s a good idea. There has been few suggestions on this topic already.
You can go to heroes items set rather forge menu. I hope this will reduce your effort until they bring the new forge menu system.