reduced hp orthia towers and gem skills

why did you guys reduced hp of orthia tower, its already hard to defend against gem skills, now its a piece of shit in defence blown all away by one scylla gem skill!!!

and why if you die, all skills reset with no timer left, so u can use it straight away again!!! how i supposed to defend all of this, the whole map can be blown away in 10 sec rush and use resurrect!!

better turn it back the way it was, and fix the skill timers after resurrect! 

this is not good, test my own defence not even die, and walked through it so easy with a lot off time left! not enjoying the game theway before!

and put money in to build these towers now they are nothing worth thx for that!

The HP has only been reduced when a divine blessing has buffed the tower itself. I believe the initial HP remains the same but the HP boost has been reduced. 

I too have noticed since the update that I have been bleeding gems all day and this could very well have been linked to the reduction in HP from the tower.

Not sure as it is too early too tell after such a short amount of time what impact this will have on the defense of my Olympus but it is worth keeping on eye on for sure. Personally I didn’t feel the Orthia towers HP was too over powered but it will be interesting to see the results.

yes i see now 60% less with divine blessing, it was 110% now  50% so they are worthless now, happy for the gem skill players they dont have to use gems anymore to get through my map

Two sides to a coin. I think rebalancing was much needed. The towers were VERY OP with divine blessing and were next to impossible to beat if combined with the Warriors. 

With the update at least the invaders have a chance at victory.

Defense needed to stay the same - there was no need to nerf towers or troops

I am not losing any attacks since update even if they are 10 levels ahead with blessings

scylla invocation > any defense


Yea that’s a cheap trick to die and reset timers.