Reduction in available gold?

It seems that the max available gold has been reduced when one tries to “randomly” match with someone. The max gold I see now is around 350k, and now it takes me forever to gather some gold to upgrade anything. Is anyone else experiencing the same? Does anyone else think it is annoying?

No the gold its no reduced just you need to learn how to search that all. I don’t find all my topic about my trick that I give maybe 2 or 3 time. Now I give it for a 4th time again because you are the 4th one who ask that

1.If you don’t find good gold in matchmaking then search in high alliance and check each members one by one and when you find one who give high amount of gold keep it in your favorite list

2.I don’t know your level if you are level 90+ you can fight Blade Storm members who give easily 500k,600k or 700k, I get easily 2 Millions or more in 3 attack. You can fight Dark Pegasus members some give easily 500k or 700k again for easily 2 millions or more. If you are in mid level between 50-70 maybe fight Warrior Assassins members who give 400k or more,etc… you must find a Alliance and check all members who give always gold that you can stole each hours. If you are low level check Alliance of your level who give you gold

3.You can go in Strategies,hint and Tips section and look in Open Base topic who open his base and stolen his gold or if you can find them in matchmaking

4.If you are desperate at a point you make a depression because you are stuck for too long, you can use Gems to activate Gold Shield for 30 hours and take time to get it

5.If your team are really a good team, they can help you to find some player who give huge amount of gold. If your team don’t help you leave them and join a Alliance who share their tricks,tips and stuffs with the others

  1. If you are really desperate at a point you are close to leave the game, you can use gems to buy gold

I don’t think I forgot something

Just to prove you are wrong about gold just right now I make like 13 Millions in 12 attacks plus the 7 War Chest enough to do my upgrade 

Hey friend! 

Thanks for your wonderful and helpful tips about finding gold in the game. 

Maybe, I can give you a tip or two: 

  1. Leave your sass and rudeness somewhere else!  :grinning:  

Anyway, I was just wondering what you guys thought because a week ago I could EASILY find gold in matchmaking.  

I didnt have to waste my time going through all the alliances.

Thanks again! 



Yup don’t mind that guy he is always seeming constipated.

My best tip for right golgold times is to get a set of gold star gear and drop down a little in trophies so you can still win raids (since going gold gear nerfs your other stats ) 

Wow its the way you said thank you to someone. You know nobody is forced to answer you. I did it because I wanted to help you that all. If I know it you answered me like this I don’t have taking 5 minutes to answer you.

Now still consequences of Event  :lol:

2day workers gets free in large quantities

plus normal long upgrades finishes, started even before Event (announced)


all need gold = low gold


wait 1-2-3 days, all stabilize

Hahaha it’s okay. Not all of us can be nice.

It seems Im gonna have to do that. I work so hard to keep my trophie level up though :slightly_frowning_face: .  

Thank you!!  :lol:

trophie is nothing, dust, air


you really think it is your savings accumulated for months? :lol:


last days I walk up and down (range 4200-5800) and walk up is even more easy (and fun = win+ win+ win+ win+ win+ win+ win+ win … much GOLD from COFs with 35% luck is even more fun) :rolleyes:

How you know :stuck_out_tongue: true is true I have a slow digest stomach and sometime that constipate me yeah. Its a part of the life :lol:

I guess that makes sense  :open_mouth:

Although, some people say that since they put that double your gold by watching videos option, they may have reduced the max. 

I hope you are right though. :unsure:

The new search button does help in some way.

You can set trophy levels and search for players in an alliance or outside an alliance. Definitely helps in medals though, gold can be an added luxury generally 200 k plus. 

it was many-many times.

Why always someone shout HEEELP! THEY BROKE MY GAME!!! :lol:

Hahaha! That is true. 

I will be back in 3 days and let you know if I see gold again! 

That way I can, as my good friend Warriornator said, “…prove you are wrong about gold…”  :unsure:.


I said that because its just a logic you are wrong because in this kind of game its impossible there is no gold. I don’t know maybe there is 300k players in this game maybe more its sure you can find easy 300k,500k,700k or more. If you search well you find them. Its sure somewhere there is a player who don’t protect his gold.You just need to invest 10 to 30 minutes and if you have no time to search what i can do about it. This game demand a lot of time sometime. If you have not we cannot do anything about it

When I do my raid that took me perhaps 30 min or more sometime I invest 1 hour because I take time to search and search until I found someone who give me 500k,700k or more and If the guy is online I wait he go offline if that take 40 min I wait 40 min and attack him.

like you said if you don’t have time to search in all alliance demand you why you don’t find gold


mss, can you tell something about the luck perk, when used in war fights?
i read, that you get less chance of finding the skulls in 1st chest, is that also
your experience? What % is needed to have a visible effect?
The reason behind my question is, that i found speed boots and got a 6%
luck perk on them. I don’t want to also hold my old boots, but only want to
switch to the new ones, if there are no negative effects …

it helps to find skulls too (little percent increase)


but the probability is distributed unevenly
so sometimes it seems that the tide has turned against you - a battle in the same cell one day - a real bad luck

(but it was always, luck perk helps anyway)

I notice less gold through matchmaker aswell since the update. Guess they reduced it due to the possibility to double it (if the screen shows up ánd you can get a video.


Warriornator, I would have thought you would have learned from your previous behaviour. Why can’t you just help people without coming across like an ass?

You don’t like what i said because I said the truth. Like I said If I can fight without problem 700k gold player everybody can do it that all. Its not my fault if you don’t look carefully or don’t take time to search. You know what you give me no choice to give you some name who give me always 450K,500k and 700k without problem. I don’t like to say name but you force me to do it : I attack always Rey Ehco,Fantastic Dangler,Aniesa Pathil,sometime Lorenzo1990. and others I have found and refill my favorite list with people who accumulate always huge amount of gold. I have just to raid them and I got easy 1 Millions or more in a raid

I attack the same since January maybe 5 month or more and gain over 500 millions if not more and that allow to upgrade my stuff. Now stop to harrass me like what i said was false or something like that. You don’t know me well after all this time on the forum. Lie its not me

You can look all my video on Youtube if you don’t believe me. You gonna see I have no problem at all to found huge amount of gold like I said 500k,700k and over 1 Millions

you want I post right here video of that? I have no problem to give you right under your nose video I have do since 5 month or more with raid over 500k,700k and 1 Millions

Just say it and I can give you 10,20 or 30 video right now!!!

Gold is not a problem in this game and never be a problem

I don’t care what you say, I care how you say it… Why be degrading like “Just to prove you wrong” or " I don’t find all my topic about my trick that I give maybe 2 or 3 time. Now I give it for a 4th time again because you are the 4th one who ask that "? Just answer his question polightly.


You right thanks for the advice, Next time I take my time to answer better

Just I don’t like to see the same topic 1 millions of time. If I can give my trick I have given maybe next time someone gonna look this topic and say oh ok there is a existant topic and look what I give like tricks and all but I admit its not his fault I don’t find all my old topic. I think I merge them together 2 week ago and in the search engine don’t find it. its ok for this time but hope next time someone can find it and see this topic

maybe I should ask him his level first and see with him after. I know gold can be hard or very easy depending of your level

Sorry I forgot its not everyone who are level 90,93 or 95 ok my mistake I admit it

Marcelchue what is your level?