Referral System overhaul.

Flare, the vouchers are crap. And you can find them just about anywhere, so what’s the point in inviting people?

Here’s what you should do. Toss out the Voucher system, and give wind boots. Yes, wind bots. Custom wind boots. These wind boots start out at +0% speed, but gain +1% boost with each successful referral (reach Lv.50), up to a maximum of +35% (the highest in the game, I think!)

Here are the results:

  • It would get lower-level players involved, since vouchers never help lower-level players. Why buy food when food is plentiful down there?

  • It would get top players involved too, because it would offer an item that could not be obtained by any other way. Granted, it would take a lot of work finding 35 friends who’d reach Lv.50, but you’d have people advertising their asses off trying to accomplish it.

  • Would finally give a REAL reward to people who advertise your game -__- Right now there’s no incentive.

I don’t think you can find vouchers “anywhere”, maybe the ways we get them were not implemented in the best way, but if there were no more ways to earn them than inviting friends, then they would be completely useless, because prizes in the voucher bazaar are expensive so we wouldn’t have a chance to enjoy anything at all (at least for my case, I know none of my friends would accept if I invite them). Anyway, I don’t like the voucher system either, I feel I earn too few, and my only ways to get them is CoF or missions, but in CoF I’d prefer to get something actually useful, and some missions lost their meaning by changing their prize from gems to vouchers. Also, I guess I won’t like it if Flares ever changes the wind boots to something I can only get by inviting friends. I think Flares believes we all love the voucher system when we don’t, I bet they love it and so they think we do too, but that’s not true. Again, maybe they way they impemented it was not good…

My point exactly. Because because only get Vouchers from other places, no one is inviting anyone. The Referral System has literally no meaning. It’s not helping Flare at all, and it’s certainly not helping us.

I’m not saying that wind boots would be referral-system-exclusive, no. I’m saying that the best wind boots could only be obtained by the referral system.

Also, on second though, rather than the wind boots being useless before 20 friends, it’d probably be better to have a series of items to win. Ending with the 35% wind boots.