Refining a Unique

Hi peepz

I’m somewhat confused. How do you refine a unique item?

My apple just gives me Sell, Equip or Forge as option, though it is unequipped.

When I tap Forge button, I can forge or curse it with a 5* Titan item, but there’s no refine button.

Thanks for the help

Is like a normal forge but you have dismantle a 5* silver item (add 1 perk) or 5* gold item (add 2 perks) 

Thank you, @vasudeva1

I never wanted to refine since I’m only a lvl115, so kinda new to the whole process. So just to be sure:

If I do this, It will get me a random perk, right?


And if I do this, It will get me for sure Area Damage as extra perk?



Yes it add area damage

And it’s the same perk-adding process for refining uniques?

For example, if you would refine an Apple of Discord with a 3 perk 5* Titan item with LoH, Attack Speed and Area Damage you would get for sure one of those 3 as extra perk?

And if it would be a 4 perk 5* Titan item you would get for sure 2 of those 4?


Sorry, 1 more:

Is it worth it, trying to superforge your item that you want to use to refine your Unique?

I mean, will the value of the new added perk on the Unique item be higher if the perks on the to be dismantled 5* silver or gold item are higher?


No, perks refined to uniques are brought to a standard based on ascension level. Old crappy silver/gold items do the same thing as superforged new stuff.  

1/ I am level 79, is it worth to keep all 5* titan items for forging titan items looted at level 130+? Or it is only usefull to keep 5* titan item with rare perks ?

2/ I read a lot about "value " of perks, but how do you calculate the value of a perk? (i don t know if a green item 400LOH will be better or not then a 700LOG yellow item => with perk value i can answer this question?)


  1. 5* titan items of any level are one of the most valuable things in the game. You never have enough of them. I think there is some sense to building up a big stockpile to use when you hit a higher level, but only if you’re having an easy time with your current gear. If you’re struggling, it can make a lot of sense to use those 5*'s to upgrade uniques or to forge baubles all your heroes can use. Even forging great gear for your war heroes can be useful in the short term, and you can always upgrade that stuff to 5* to use later. Just try not to waste them.

  2. If you like excel, I would recommend making a spreadsheet to evaluate an item as you upgrade it. It takes a little work, but you learn so much about how the forging system works, and you start to key in on the numbers at play. It’s harder to see when you’re levelling up a lot, but you can start to spot “keeper” items when you hit stable levels, especially if you start to learn the system.

A rough rule of thumb is the non-LOH perks gain 5% on each 1* forge and 7* on each 4*, with an 18-20% boost on color change. LOh gets about 1/2 of that.

yeah, i can do the reverse engineering with excel but well, the game is like 2 years old so i guess lot of people have already done the job and maybe already shared it (or can share it :p)

“A rough rule of thumb is the non-LOH perks gain 5% on each 1* forge and 7* on each 4*, with an 18-20% boost on color change. LOh gets about 1/2 of that. ”


7* to be replaced by 7% ?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: . The color boost change is not always the same? It is between 18-20% because the value is rounded?

It’s just not always the same, and it also depends on whether you’re using 1*, 2*, etc…

If there are published charts for perk strength at every level, I’ve never seen them. I don’t think anyone’s ever complied that, especially since making a calculator in excel is so much more useful. Forging calculations have changed significantly since it was introduced, so charts that are a year old wouldn’t apply anymore anyways. 

ok, i have done the excel sheet, thx for advice :grinning: (now i need to get a rough idea about best value at given value for any perks, but it least now i can compare any item with another one at different level/number of stars)


Regarding unique forging, is it true that:

if i forge with a titan 5* bronze, i will only “update” my unique to my current ascension level

if i forge with a titan 5* silver i update the unique to my current ascension level (+ few levels bonus), and it also add 1 perk  picked from the titan 5* silver perks (the type of perk is selected, but the value of the perks is not relevant) ?

if i forge with a titan 5* goldi update the unique to my current ascension level (+ several levels bonus), and it also add 2 perks  picked from the titan 5* gold perks (the type of perk is selected, but the value of the perks is not relevant) ?

Please correct this if i did not understood correctly :slight_smile:

У тебя уже есть ск.атаки. На одном шмоте не может быть два одинаковых перка. Будет урон третим перком

If you are talking about an unrefined unique, your assumptions are correct. In my opinion more specific:

  1. Bronze is simple, as you mentioned
  2. Silver refined, again ascension level plus a bonus on main perk. Your unique perk will be reduced by around 35-40%. The added perk can be around 50% of your normal maxed perk. So if you can get a value of 130k CD on a cape, refining CD on a unique with silver can be about 60-65k to give you an idea.
  3. Gold refined, same as silver with bigger bonus on main perk. Your unique perk will be reduced a bit more, but not more than 45%. The two added perks, again with same logic will be around 40% of a max value… so in the above case it can be around 50k or a bit less

In my opinion, the reduction of the “unique perk” from silver to gold, is so small, it’s definitely not worth it to just do silver. You can gain 2 perks with minimum cost of that unique perk, get a huge boost on the main perk, with minimum cost of the unique perk. However, here are some observations: If you gold-refine shields, the physical element gets wasted (you can’t use more than 90% - and if you are maxed, it doest seem to be worth it). A direct impact on your hero, will be more visible on weapons, capes and maybe last vest/boots, but all can be relevant for setups. For the apples, if you are looking to max potency/CD, I would recommend NOT to refine them. 

On the other hand, you can refine an item, and still get around similar values of perks or main perks most of the time. When you do refine, the values of dismantle do not matter. It is not a “transfer” like with regular items. My observations for values above, can be a bit off, as there have been changes to some perks and I have not done a proper re-search. But it gives you a general idea of what you gain, in respect of main perk, and the unique perk.

With refined already uniques… its a whole new ball-game. It might seem straightforward, but once you test doing such a new refining on them, you will discover some strange things… The values re-fined in my opinion are perfectly normal, but to get the right perks, it seems a bit… confusing to say the least.

thx a lot for feedback and values of perks reduction :slight_smile:

And you answered to one of my not asked question (about what was the max armor value :p)

Regarding refining already refined uniques i think i will have time before facing such situation :wink: