Reflect bug

 _ There is a simple test you can do to find out this . _

Attack yourself with Perseus and reach your gatekeeper (Perseus, I am choosing him for his shield and amasing reflect bonus), on it’s own the attacking Perseus cannot take him down (in my case) or takes him down slow BUT… add one long range unit in the mix, and the unstoppable gatekeeper goes down fast. I have resistance on GK it’s not that the Phonix hurts him with ?, I done auto attacks with Cadmus with hordes of units all type, GK one shots them all.

_ Its a reflect bug, it somehow amplifies the damage reflected. _

When you add a unit, it triggers the Medusa Gaze of the GK. There are 2 things that happen:

  1.  MG does instant damage, it supposed to be a small about but somehow the damage reflected from hero is huge.  At that very moment you can see the health of the GK drops a good amount.
  2. The hero is petrified, meaning he/she takes 3x damage. Think about the damage reflected back … The problem is that elemental resistances come in after DR, and reflected damage can’t be resisted. So if the GK hits hard, it will die fast. The hero, on the other hand, can be safe if he/she has a decent amount of physical resistance.

To verify point #2, you can add petrify perk to the GK so it can petrify without MG. You can see the same thing happens when petrify proc, even without a range unit nearby. Honestly, I don’t think that this is a bug if it is really intended to work this way. It only works when the attacker has very high DR (Perseus) and the GK outputs way more damage that he should (AD … ?).


This happens because the animation for casting the spell temporarily stops LoH. You’re able to temporarily dish out damage without the GK healing himself.  It’s similar to why stun is effective.

Ah ha! I’ve thought of “animation for casting the spell temporarily stops LoH” once, when I put high CD on my GK … but somehow I completely missed the correlation to this phenomenon! Thanks for your wise words ☺️.

_ I didn’t use or equipped petrify on no unit to prove this and even the hero spell MG on GK. GK goes down fast when attacked by phonix and hero in like 4 sec, GK had no time to cast the MG spell… Thank you but this 2 things are not related  _

Can you post a video of this happening?

I have definitely seen this in action, a phoenix or 2 reducing a very strong GK to nothing in a few seconds. There is 100% a bug here also. But I think we are talking several bugs which are linked to the GK. 

I don’t see why (although I understand and agree that heroes take a lot of damage at this point) petrify should do 3x damage (so is that x9 damage given GK’s already have a x3 multiplier! No wonder non shield heroes don’t stand a chance) to the hero - after all stun doesn’t work on the hero. 

I said before the devs need to start again with the GK’s stats and exactly what is supposed to happen. 

I’ve never known heroes to be affected by petrify. Units only. If anyone has a video of that, too, it would be interesting 

Heroes definitely can be petrified : the clothes become stone, slower movement, and takes 3X damage (I use mainly non-shield heroes so I can see the damage taken increased very clearly).

Can you post a video? Is it just Medusa’s gaze or Medusa units as well?

It is true. This can also happen to shield bearing heroes but if they have physical resistance below 70% then they too will die quickly.

Ok, petrify attack from a weapon can turn you gray at least. Medusa (enemies) and medusas gaze (spell) don’t seem to petrify the hero. Medusas won’t even try, same as if they’re faced with other medusas who are immune. I couldn’t see the hero taking any extra damage from being petrified, but maybe it does. Test hero was Artemis, so no shield and fragile as a kitten.

I took my Perseus for high DR. I didn’t fight back to isolate the damages to GK’s damage (to the hero and reflection).

I let the GK land a few hits on the hero to show how the health barely went down on both sides. Then I called a couple of Spearmen to trigger the MG. The petrification lasted nearly 9s. We can see that the 9 hits of the GK after the MG caused the health to go down quickly on both sides. 

I triggered the MG a 2nd time then ran away to show the petrified hero. Normally his clothes are red but we can see that the colour is grey. The hero walked (just like the GK) instead of running, they were both stone! 


I also have been petrified by Medusa (unit) more than once. I do think that the heroes can be petrified by any petrify source.

Awesome, thank you!

@Marinien great vid, clearly shows the petrify multiplier effect working on both hero and GK.

This bug or feature, has been reported a while ago. Thanks for bringing it up…

MG can deal a bit of physical damage to structures too:


Very little, in fact!

Yes, I’ve realized that:


Good to know that the bugs are being taken seriously!! Hopefully now they have time they can fix all this GK rubbish!