Reflection of Hero and Statues Bugged

Greetings Team FlareGames,

I hereby inform you that reflection is wrong, both in heroes and in statues.

According to what was published by Captain Morgan on June 25th, the statues should reach a maximum of 75% Reflection, but in the hero it does not pass this, so the statue is only 63% coming … I ask you to verify this!

Thank you very much in advance…

Follow the Post of Captain Morgan with Link:


The same problem happened to me 2 days ago. Everything was normal.

Comigo também, tenho os 75% no herói e não mostra na estátua isso somente 63%

How can I get 75% reflection on the statue if the hero can only reflect 75% too?

Following with the post about the update version 4.0.3 we were informed of the following changes: All resistances 45% 200% Attack Speed 75% Cooldown Bonus 25% Life on Hit 75% Regeneration 75% Stun / Petrify / Demolition / Frostbite Chance 75% Potency 75% Reflection Area Damage can not be higher than the Hero's normal attack damage It turns out that the percentage of the reflection is with a maximum of 63% I believe and I'm pretty sure that was a mistake, even if it was not a mistake, we players would be informed, right? Please, ask for this to be evaluated and corrected as soon as possible.

Well, seeing as damage reflection blocks/reflects all damage types, you’re complaining that it can only reach 63%!! That combined with 75% physical res, has made many GK’s, and almost all with Perseus unique mirror shield unbeatable - at least with standard forges. 

Damage reflection is a real OP perk, should be looked at by the devs.

It’s also fairly rare on cursed gear. It was a mistake to make uniques so common though, and the devs admit that.  Everyone and their mother has a mirror shield at this point. Now they have to nerf mirror shields cause they’re so common. 

I suppose I should start using blessed archer and hydra more…anything that gets into the area damage of GK will be toasted within seconds.    

This is what people do, yes. 

There are very, very few actually impossible GKs. There are some really badass ones, and there are a few that probably only a couple of players in the game can kill on a regular basis, but the rest can be killed. You just need to know what you’re doing. 

But the question is are you/they using ‘bugged forged’ gear to kill them? If so how do us mortals kill them! Even if we did know what we were doing!

No you use troops to kill them. 


I don’t have one either. It’s you and me. 

And me

I have two ???

Are you going to change it back to 90% reflection on the heroes? 

75% reflection on the statues are ok but not if you keep changing stuff. 

Im asking to not ruin the gear I’ve already used a lot of time and resources to build. 

This does sound like a bug, we will find out why the Hero is capped at 75% and not the Statue.

However, please bear in mind that, particularly with the possibilities available with the new Forging, we are considering tweaking of the caps, to balance out this area of the game. We have already asked players for feedback about which stats they think should be recapped, so if you have thoughts please share them.

We will also try and find out what is causing the chain reaction between Damage Reflection and Area Damage and fix that asap, though it is proving to be difficult to debug.

You’re probably not going to get a lot of people to volunteer to gimp themselves when they spent months customizing their heroes to be effective. Some of the reasons why players forged so much was in reaction to the difficulty of the game. Remember how hard odyssey used to be? The difficulty keeps getting chopped down, but the player never knows that you guys also think it’s too hard. Or fighting against the top teams in the game in war every single week with no break. So you forge gear that lets you compete against the game you’re actually playing, not some theoretical game. 

If the new forging system is going to stay like this I wouldn’t touch anything. It’s a massive reduction in power. You’re going to have to rebalance the whole game around it eventually, making everything easier. You could have kept the old forging system and played with caps, but I would strongly suggest you don’t do both. 

And holy crap @Prebsie do you really have 75% reflection on your statue. That explains a lot. 

Improve the forge numbers, reduce costs/time to forge stuff, Remove/Replace Area Damage as a perk from the entire game(could be replaced with a slow down perk…just sayin), Reduce damage reflection from the GK…like 10-20% (75% ref is a monstrous value). Improve spells like Fire/Ice/Poison and I guess things will be more balanced, oh same for some heroes, their main spell don’t do any damage, add a damage perk aswell, then things will be smoother.

I believe so, up to u @CaptainMorgan, @Chris.