Refund for war

Dear Olympus Rising Admin and other members of Flaregames, I am the Player Viny Heavenly, the General of ?? Heavenly Gods??. I send this message to explain our discontent with the new model of wars, there were many updates and we were still affected by a lot of BIZARRE error. We spend a lot of gems for nothing. This is inadmissible, my covenant companions are dissatisfied with the permanence of these errors. Faced with this and other extensive issues, I kindly request a reimbursement of 500 gems for all members of alliances, as all invest heavily in prestige to have the best possible experience in a war. Many are discouraged by the delay in making decisions and acting accordingly. We are waiting for a CONCRETE AND EFFECTIVE positioning of all of FLAREGAMES. We are all struggling to make OLYMPUS RISING a game that is different and fun for everyone! Thank you. Viny Heavenly the General of ?? Heavenly Gods??