As someone who spends extra money on games i enjoy on a regular basis. I have no issue paying to advance in a game i enjoy. BUT due to your complete lack of support for your paying customers. And the fact that you have done updates to make it impossible for high level players to stay competitive. I am no longer interested in playing this game. Or any game produced by your firm. I have wasted close to a thousand dollars building up my account and after your last update you have made all that money i have spent worthless. Not to mention the fact that i am yet to recieve a response from anyone in your developer/ support department for any of my posts on the forums. Your complete disregard for your paying customers sickens me. And i would like a full refund for every dollar i have spent on my olympus rising account. Please contact me with the details on how you plan to compensate us for the royal ass-fucking myself and all your other paying players recieved by flare games or i will be happy to seek legal representation and launch a suit against your company for fraud.

truly disgusted


I understand your frustration - I’m in same boat.

just hold off though, let’s see how they progress in next couple days

they are reading these forums and acting on them due to recent update (maybe a tad bit late though ?)

There are many issues that need to be addressed and I know the damage has already been done but give it some time

Yes, pls Flaregames grant them the refund and let them go elsewhere to whine around, a bunch of users thinking that they can speak for the whole playerbase. 

I second that RED5 

I lost over 350 trophies due to this poorly thought out and implemented update. Now I’m faced with winning them back 1 at a time ???   Seriously??

What kind of company angers their paying customers in this way. Players don’t want to level up because they know they will be worse off for it. It’s plain ridiculous. 


I would suggest a complete reset, give all gems back and do everything over. 

Not a single cent from me unless the trophy-issue and the matchmaking is fixed. ALL enemies I’ve been presented are massively stronger than me. 5-10 levels ahead with all boosted. I’m out now.

Hate to break it to ya but your the only person on these forums that liked that update - I wonder why? ? 

this is ridiculous I’m level 53 but I have to win one trophy every war against higher level players than me ( 60 or 63 )just because they have less trophies ? that is a stupid system,should be by player level not  trophy level  because there are many players levels 60 and up with low trophies im done with this better stop playing is a waste of time…

I never have  players with the same level as me , always higher im 53 they are 57 ,60 or 63…plus they have low trophies,and because ,i have more trophiies  i need to win a battle 53 vs 60 lvl just to win 1 trophie??? ??? Hoooooo god please

I’m gonna give it a few days to see how it balances out or I’m asking for my money back too.

Keep people like this dude playing and on forums who only put people down. Awesome!!

We are already upset. He’s just pushing it further. Your losings paying customers who are supported the game. 

Really hope for flaregames that Tzogos put as much money on as RED or me or anybody else he thinks is whining and ready to stop playing. 



Just don’t touch my hero items. I’ve gotten some really nice ones and unlocked Helen, too. My happiness with achieving those goals is comforting me while I helplessly watch my trophy count die of a thousand paper cuts.

What concerns me most is that, apart from a half assed patch which doesn’t address the central issues, all the complaints and concerns seem to be falling on deaf ears. I haven’t spent as much as some here but I have spent a reasonable amount. This weekend I have been forced to use nearly all my gems in an attempt to slow the tide of trophies I was losing to cheats and exploiters. To find out that Flare has no interest in putting things to rights and will not do anything to those who cheated is sickening. My alliance is not top 10, we had a small hardcore of people who were putting money in for buffs. Almost to a man they have stopped playing now. 

Given the deaf ears here on the forums I would suggest that any complaints or comments be directed to the App on the App Store from which the game is downloaded. I see it is still Editor’s Choce and 4.5 stars which hardly seems to reflect the consensus I see here.

Patience before pitchforks.


They have said a patch is imminent which should help begin the process of addressing this… situation. All told, I am not particularly convinced it will work, seeing how RR2 turned out, but some part of me has some faith in this team. Cautious optimism, if you will. I have lost 300+ trophies, granted not nearly as much as some of you, but rest assured, I feel your pain.


But, let’s wait a few hours to see what they do with the next patch?

Do you have a link to this announcement as I don’t see anything in the official announcement thread about it?

i think this one:


No I don’t wonder, because I know the reason. The usual user that goes on a forum of a game, goes there not to spread gratitude but to express complains, that’s why this negative atmosphere exist here. And I don’t exclude myself, at first I came here to complain. 

Edit: Congratz @ RED, how much trophies did you get back from flaregames? 2000? I told ya that the system will work ; D

shut your fucking mouth trollgos!!!. You know nothing… Yes i had trophies restored. But those trophies are continuing to dwindle because the underlying problem was never fixed. Yes i recieved 10k gems as compensation, but that doesnt even cover 10% of what i purchased, you continue to run your mouth at me on the forums. And have absolutely no knowledge or understanding of what is going on with spending players right now … Let me phrase it to you this way. keep in mind this is an imaginary scenario… you spent $100,000 on a ferarri,  and the dealership comes and gives you a honda civic and tried to convince you that is what you paid for, would you be ok with driving away in that honda??? 

So I’m still losing more cups than I can gain. Just noticed a player who should have buffs and did this morning without them. This glitch on the buffs has being a problem from before any of the updates. Maybe this is why our boosted bases are still being beaten as well. More money people have put on that hasn’t done anything. Our alliance puts a lot of money on to keeps these boosts up so we can keep our cups. Just another reason for a refund.

I seem to be about even in trophies - can’t seem to gain any but not losing a ton

but yes I agree with your post - I am seeing a lot of bases that should have buffs but don’t. Or if I wait a day they are usually gone

there are still a lot of underlying issues but give FG some time. That update should of never happened but they got a good start by removing it and compensating everyone (maybe not as much as some had hoped though). 

coding is not as easy as it looks, they can’t flip a switch and make it work. I do believe more testing should have been done before releasing the game though

all in all I’m still a little upset but it seems FG is working on these issues so I’ll hang around for a little while and see what they do