Reg Under Chest from ninja

I have received an war uber chest . I just started opening it, but after clicking the first it shows my inventory is full and I have started to clear some equips but due to work I have closed deciding that after some time I can open.  But when I tried to open it after 2 hrs., The uber chest is missing

IGN: sgokul

Alliance: India (best country)


I believe that the problem here is that you waited too long to open your Uber Chest from the war. You have a certain amount of days to open a chest that you earned from a War Season. Unless you earned that chest from the ninja event, which you obviously said that you didn’t, then the chest disappeared because you failed to open it in the given time

If this is not the case then you should send a ticket to the support team and they’ll get back to you. Here:

Well I was taking about the chest which I have received today morning


Ah, so from the ninja event? Sounds like a bug to me, cause from the way you explained it, it sounds like a bug I had last year in the ninja, where I exited the game, with an Uber Chest half-opened, along with a full inventory and came back with no chest

You should contact support through the link I gave you in my last post

You are exactly right


this has happened to me many times in the past. I think there is a very short clock after which you’ve opened a chest in which you have to accept it or sell it.  If you DON’T open it, I think you have a little more time.


Once you’ve opened a chest, you can take any time you want to consume it. However, never exit the game, or if you accidentally get disconnected, reconnect immediately! If the game servers detect you as offline, any open chest is most likely lost.