Regarding Boosted Werewolf and Celestial Phoebe- Remove intimidate effect

When CP (and other troops) come in contact with boosted werewolf, their performance enhances, and become impossible to kill… Even after that werewolf is killed, the howl effect stays… Is there no way to remove that enhanced effect from the defense troops and beasts after the werewolf is killed?..

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This is one of the reasons why I most times have blizzard assigned as spell. Bladestorm and toxic cloud also can do a great job, but a well forged blizzard (max spell of course) is the safest way to kill wolfs (or wearing some blizzard perks when you use blizzard spell). Be aware that players can forge wolf on health quite well, so damage forge on blizzard is very important. The wolf should be killed before he can howl.

It’s hard indeed to kill a hyper phoebe beast, heal puddles most times heal health back to max and troops are in danger without a spell like shield. Even shield will not be enough sometimes, unless you kill phoebe pretty fast. So best way is to prevent a wolf to howl. Surviving a hypered phoebe can be done by activating guardian at the moment of facing hypered phoebe beast, but when troops are gone, it’s going to be a hard one, since it takes time to kill phoebe with spells only.


Nowadays you can conquer maniac Pheobe only by Gaspar, Growl or Toxic Cloud.

But @Dena4 is correct. Just dont let the Wolves howl. Use Blizzard or - even better - Trusty, he has a wider range.


Use boosted paladins. They kill Phoebe super easily, whether phoebe is under the howl effect or not.

With a mass of paladins, Phoebe feels just like another enemy unit.


Too bad is that medium/low teams don’t have that pro boost on a permanent base and when they have it, it’s just pro level 1. Also tons of teams don’t boost holy paladin.

I agree that double boosted paladins are a perfect remedy against phoebe, but unfortunately a lot of players don’t have it.

Most low morale troops (knights, elite boosted archers for example) will also do fine.

If you are in a Alliance with double-max-boosted Paladin you are probably also facing Level 3 Pheobes and super-duper forged Wolves :wink:

Believe me …

There are many ways to kill “hyper” Phoebe beast (there is also a guide to defeat it for low/medium level players).

Recommended gears/perks:
-start morale;
-troop speed;
-life drain;
-resistance to normal damage;
-attack rate;
-any possible spell;
-any unit resistance;
-any unit damage;
-merc troop;
-any pal;
-any damage;
-any aura (except for fear aura and bomb kick aura);
-insta troop.

Recommended pals:

Recommended guardians:

Recommended spells (preferably highly forged):
-toxic cloud;
-black magic;
-pal flute.

Recommended units (and their respective boosts, without considering special war season boosts):
-knight + elite boost;
-archer + elite boost + pro boost;
-paladin + elite boost + pro boost;
-gargoyle + conquest boost;
-mummy + war boost;
-werewolf + elite boost;
-monk + elite boost;
-necromancer + elite boost;
-Viking + elite boost + conquest boost;

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I use gaspar, but the hyper CP destroyes my gaspar… For a normal player of my level, I can easily kill hyper CP… But when it comes to player lvl 110+, it’s just impossible…

You suggested growl pal… How will it help? How does it work?.. Please tell me…

Agreed… We never have pro boost of anything… As for elite holy paladin, we rarely activate it, only during some events and that too, only if i urge leader…

So, paladin is not a way… is there a normal way to slow down the hyper-ness?..

Knights with shield spell. Can even take down level 8 Phoebe easily.

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Growl`s special Ability is Intimidate, which will slow down the Enemy and reduce also its Damage. Works for Units, Structures and also Beasts.


really… Knights???.. Never expected that… haha… Thanks, will surely try it…

Elite+Pro Palladins are very deadly. No beast can stand a deadly army of palladins. You must definitely give it a try @GrimScythe2001 anywhere you can. Ask your alliance to get that boost. It is very deadly against phoebe too…
With an army of Ogres-Monks-Wolf, I can kill my phoebe in 10s and only with an army of palladins, it takes about 3-4s to kill it.

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Toxic Cloud to 3.5s+ slowdown with forged cooldown, a huge army…
Well, 90% members in my alliance use Palladins as suggested by LacunaC to kill phoebe beast

Here @GrimScythe2001 you can practise this combo. No pro boost required.

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Even of we get elite boost, we will never succeed in getting pro boost… So, for me, paladin is out of question…

That, it is simply awesome… :scream::scream::scream::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: Thanks again… Will try to use it… Is ceres important? or phoebe will do the work… Because I don’t have enough crystals to buy ceres…

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Yes Ceres is important for this combo, to multiply your units. Nemesis is of course better but I assume you don’t have enough crystals. For the most part, Ceres is good enough to kill Phoebe beast.

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okay… Will save up crystals and pal treat to buy and upgrade ceres… Thanks… :blush::blush::blush: