Regarding IGN change- "Change King/User Name"

Names can be changed only once… I was wondering, since it’s our account, we should actually be able to change our in-game name as much as we want… Every other games allow players to change name as much as the player wants… Some Games permit name change for free, some games charge gems…

Royal Revolt 2 should also provide this feature to change in game name as much as we want… Charge 10 gems per name change, but please let us change our name according to our own will…

Or, First Name change be free… Second name change cost 5 gems… Third name change cost 10 gems… Fourth name change costs 15 gems… Fifth cost 20 gems… and so on…

I will be very much thankful if this feature is taken into consideration… :rr2ninja::rr2ninja::rr2ninja:

Edit 1: How about introducing “Name Change” token in festival events? If you have that token, you can change name…

We are trying to get this feature added from a long time, but no one listens…

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Im sure to change name for gems should be allowed

But price should be like 20-50 k gems.

Ofc it should be expensive to prevent flashmobes

After they implemented ability to change names, it was hell

Too many “new”players, spies and etc etx


Also do not see any REAL reasons to change name;)
I still didnt change as example and many my friends too

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Many people like to have fresh names… Few of my own alliance members, who reached maximum name change limit, wished to change name at least once again… There was a player who had his name changed but got typo error and made spelling mistake, and now, he can’t correct it…

There are many people with valid reasons who like to change name, who are not ‘spies’… And what do you mean by ‘spies’ anyway? What could possibly be spied in this game???

There is a drawback, of course… Many people with multiple accounts will change their name differently, but if they really want to have different name, why didnt they do it at the beginning?

So, taking all these things into account, I still don’t see how people will misuse the feature… plus, if it costs gems, no one will use it unless highly needed… It’s safe…

As in conquest, a person will join your alliance and will see, what you are going to do. He will give all information and your strategy to his alliance and will work as a spy…

Cromka, please dont say that. 20-50k gems seems impossible for people like us. If this happened, we can never change our names. It may work with you, but not for us.

It is really awesome that you have never changed your name. If you ever has to change, what name will you give yourself?

To pay 5-10 grms for change name is very bad idea

It SHOULD be huge price:
Also its need to prevent selling accounts

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once a wise man said “A rope can be used to save life as well as to take life… It depends on who uses it, and for what purpose”… Those who wish to commit crime or sell account will do it anyway… Not able to change name will not stop them from selling accounts…

This feature is for the good purpose… I dont deny the fact that cheaters will misuse this feature, but if they are already doing so with every other features, it will be of a little or no shock if they will do the same with this feature, if it’s implemented…

Huge price… okay… maybe 100 gems per name change…

Huge mean 50000 gems
Its ok, its prevent daily changes
Jt should be solid decision for the one who want iy

100 gems will make haos in game only

But idea is good
Also alliance ne change opinion would be good

Honestly? 50000 gems? I cannot even collect gems to upgrade my alliance tower and stronghold units, and you suggest 50000 gems for a single name change? 100 gems would be more than enough…

And yes… We need alliance name change option too… At least for once…

OR… once in festivals event, provide “Name Change” token… Only those who have that token can change name… If you have 1 token, you can change your name once… You you have two tokens, you can change twice, and so on…

Same with alliance name… If all the generals and leader have one “Alliance Name Token”, they can change alliance name once…

Its a difference
You want to have ability easy to change name

Im absolutly about this

For my opinion 1 time name change mostly not bad, no need more
But if someone want to change he can do it for 20-50 k gems

If you do not have gems no need spent them for such not useful thing as ign change

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Why do you keep on suggesting 50k??? Are you working with RR2 and thinking of ways to strip us of our money or what…!!!

NVM… there are people who want this ability… Such people, post your thoughts…

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I said why
Cuz i do not want ability for everyone ro change IGN easy and often


Yeah, I support Cromka that the game will get full of spies and cheaters, if this feature is activated.

Rather than using this idea of “USING GEMS”, they can keep it like account linking… “once in a year” people who want may change and others wont…

No problem for people saving gems and prevention from cheaters even.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to make changing IGN an easy thing. It should be something very rare and not easy.
Your name is your name. That’s how other players recognise you.

Also name changing has a very high value if you want to sell your account, which is ilegal.


I think that Name changing should be made available, but maybe only once or twice an year.

This should never be a frequent change after all because of: spies, account selling, ppl avoiding attacks by name changing, etc…

PS: Your name is your name after all, if you want to change it… make sure you give it a BIG thought before you do :wink:

Hi guys,
Thanks for the suggestions, but there are no such plans for now.

Thank you!

(Closing this to free up votes.)