Regarding Slow Down Perk...

Does anyone currently uses Slowdown perk? Care to share your opinion/experiences with the Slowdown perk?

Is the perk working? Can a difference be spotted? Anyone wanna showoff their high level Slowdown?

Is it game changing/worth it?

You probably won’t notice a visual difference, so it’s best to treat the perk like a 2.5-5% reduction in offensive power of the defending army.


On the other hand…


I can’t count the number of bombs that come out of the skull towers when I don’t have it equipped, because they come out too quickly. Easy to kick them back. I can count them all easily when I do, but my slowdown is pretty high compared to most out there. How high? Too high. :stuck_out_tongue:

4%+ slowdown have decent effect to your raid especially when facing wolf or ogre in waves

How does it work?


Does entire map get slowed down by x% everytime you hit or do you have a x% to make things slow down?

Does it reduce the amount of bombs thrown by skull towers like how Time Warp scrolls does?

it is a weak time scroll

can it be found on sword only?

How does slowdown stacks with Time warp scroll? Can you potentially stop everything? XD