Regarding trophy loss

It’s not really a bug but there is something wrong here. So i upgrade my heroes temple, all good, trophies gained/lost ratio is on the plus side, with a fair activity i can go up by 60-70+ per day. Then i upgrade Apollo’s gate, and the building for upgrading troops…next upgrades are logical, I max all the barricades, all the towers and all the troops…gotta have a stiff defense right? Now here comes the bullshit part that doesnt make sense… the more I upgrade my defense the more trophies I start to lose… I noticed this trend after heroes temple lvl 6, now it’s 7…I cant speak for earlier lvls as the trophy system was constantly changing then. So my question is where is the logic in this? I upgrade heroes temple to 7, I get ascension lvl 58 or 59…my defense is at its best for heroes temple lvl 6 but at its worst for lvl 7 but I manage to gain trophies quite easily… but after upgrading my defense(all troops included but excluding the waves in guard of thanatos) so presumably it’s at its best for heroes temple lvl 7 I cant keep my trophies anymore… so upgrading my defense makes it weaker. I know my ascension lvl dictates my number of trophies but this is wrong…I would’ve understand it if after heroes temple lvl 7 I would’ve started upgrading powers, library, silos etc gaining followers and getting artificially to a higher ascension lvl, my defense remaining the same. I am 100 percent sure of what I am talking about, I followed this trend. Sorry for the long read

You have maxed troops and defense for hero temp lv 6, but it was lv 59. If your enemies upgrade their hero temple level 7 at lv 50. They should have troops with 3 level higher than u at lv 59. Your defense is too weak.

For short, hero temple level 6 can be upgraded at lv 40, and you still have this temple at lv 59. It means you are strong compared to 4x players not 5x. In addition, you are being attacked by 6x players. 

Alex… after I upgraded my heroes temple to lvl 7 everything was ok, I could gain trophies as I attack alot and didnt lose too many trophies on defense… but now after I upgraded all my troops and almost every defensive building it’s a disaster, as much as I attack I can’t coop with the loses… this I cant understand, why does my defense get weaker and weaker after every upgrade? 

This started with me around 3 days ago - i’ve lost first 91 trophies, then 50, then again 50, i try to hit the level before the big lost, but after every connection to the game i have big lost. Now i’ve lost 102 trophies for less than 2 hours and only 11 captured islands…??? How can this happend, even the captured islands are with trophies around my level?


Today the same scheme -108 lost trophies and only 12 captured islands…

have started losing hundreds of trophies everyday since a few days ago, i guess they changed the trophies system that when you get to a certain high trophies corresponding with your ascension level, you will be attacked more often, hence you lose more trophies.

The trophy system of this game is really strange…I’ve lost 106 trophies in just 24hours…and I’m losing more than I get every day,just because of my ascension level…limitation of trophies for alimit of acsenssion level is not understandable