Regarding update 3.8's battle progress calculation change...

This one in particular:

  • The Battle Progress Calculation  now takes all Towers and Obstacles into account a player can place at his current Castle Gate Level (rather then only the ones that are placed by the path and show up in battle)

While I do like it and certainly appreciate it, I have to point out the where this improvement has underdelivered.  The change was not applied to Ninja battles.

I’m sorry but no matter how you look at it, assuming all towers and obstacles are destroyed, the final gate at the end surely does not represent a 40% of the total progress for each battle.

It doesn’t always happen, but I’m certain a lot of players before have found themselves in a situation where they weren’t 100% sure if they left one Tower behind or not and had to go back to check it. Or even worse, they have actually missed one tower, but because this progress bar is so inaccurate, they have actually failed completing the run fully, and we all know how painful that is to miss out on the #1 spot Pearl payout.

This screenshot presents the exact situation I’ve described - every single obstacle is destroyed, only the gate itself is left. With this change presented in the version 3.8 of the game, the progress bar should’ve been at at least 80%, preferrably 85-90% or so.

So please, do not waste any time, do not make us wait and apply this great change to Ninja event as well, because there is no reason not to do it and you know you should’ve done it in the first place.

I just can’t believe companies miss such obvious little details in 2017. At least Flothaboss should’ve pointed this out to you, because it is so obvious.

P.S. Obligatory reminder - you are yet to fix the Monk unit’s description; the Healing Range is still missing from Monk’s stat screen, and **it’s been 2 months since I’ve pointed that out. **Please do not disgrace yourselves any further and fix this painfully small and simple issue.

By the way it does reflect at least 35%-40% of the battle progress. ^_^

That’s why cannons are great in ninja events. They require you to go far ahead to clear the gate towers, but they don’t leave any towers behind. That’s the best way to guarantee 100% every time.

edit: aren’t your archers reliable as well? They’re not supposed to leave any towers behind as well.

@AzureKnight Why do you think that update comment means that the Gate and Towers have an equal distribution?

Previously; if the gate was worth 40%, and there was only 2 towers on the map, then each tower would be worth 30%

Now, if there only 2 towers out but you are allowed 10 out, then each tower would be worth 6% each and the gate would be worth the reaming.

I see no reason to think that it would ever be applied to any PvE map.  It would only count for PvP maps.


That’s rule only applied on player base, not the other base like dungeon, ninja event, or pro league.

That’s rule doesn’t affect Castle Gate so the old percentage for castle gate still apply. We all know that gate tower has most percentage in this game (40%). So even if you reach castle gate by destroying all tower and obstacle but died before destroying castle gate you only get 2 crowns with 60% battle progress calculation and this is still same till now.

That rule addressed to player that often open their base with only 2 gate full forging in front of castle gate. Before this rule applied, if we only destroyed 1 tower and castle gate, we only get 2 crowns with 70% battle progress because they only count tower and obstacle that placed on player base. The math is Castle Gate (40%) + (2 - 1 x (60% : 2 = 30%)) …with 2 is total tower a player put on their base and 1 is leftover that we can’t destroy.

However now, we can get more than that because it counting all the possibility a player can put their tower and obstacle on their base (this is depends on each player castle gate level). So if we had faced same case as before (a player who only put 2 tower on their base) and we only destroyed 1 tower and castle gate, the math for battle progress is Castle Gate (40%) + (P - 1 x (60% : P)) …with P is total possibility tower and obstacle a player can put on their base and 1 is leftover that we can’t destroy.

Archers are reliable, yeah, but that’s not the point of this topic. I genuinely believe there’s no reason that part of the update shouldn’t have been updated to PvE dungeons as well, or at least the Ninja ones in particular, because that green progress bar up top surely isn’t correct and could be made more accurate/precise than it is.

Math isn’t my strong suite by any means, so is what you’re saying that the gate in Ninja event currently represents an accurate percentage of a battle’s total progression in all circumstances, regardless if its the 1st or 30th level?

A max lvl gate as 137k HP, a base has 21 towers and most high-level players have each tower at at least 35k HP unboosted, if not 40-60k, not to mention 15 defensive obstacles. If generally the same set of principles applyes to player bases as the PvE ones, when it comes to simple percentage distribution per each tower, object and gate in relation to a 100% progression bar , which I’m not sure why it shouldn’t, there is just no way a single tower, even with 137k hp, amount up to an astounding 40% of total HP of all the damned structures in a raid.

Just the same, there is no way in world in the current Ninja level I’m looking at, being 13/30, which has 18 towers and 13 obstacles and 1 gate, that the gate amounts to 40% of the total progress. It just is not possible, and as such, once you destroy all the towers and obstacles, the progress bar should really be at like ~85% instead of what it is now, being at 60% and messing with your brain and perception.

Alternatively, in other words, the least they could change is the gate’s destruction progress relative to progress % increase, because right now, if you’ve destroyed everything besides the gate and the gate itself is at full health, even if you do take it to a mere 1% HP left, the progress bar only moves so high as from the initla 60% to like 75%, and that very last, 1% remaining HP on gate moves the progress bar from 75% to 100%, which signifies that 1% of gate’s health was worth a whooping 25% of the raid’s total progress, which is of course false.

Yeah but why exactly? It makes no sense proportionally.

Well it kind of does. If we go by crowns that is.

100% = 3 Crowns.

If you kill like half of the base you get 1 Crown, at least I think it’s half of a base.

You get the second if you kill all towers and obstacles or reach the gate.

And the third crown is obtained by destroying the gate.

If we are going with this explanation, the Gate represents 1 Crown, therefore 1/3 of obtainable crowns and therefore about 33% of the progress bar. At least it would make sense somehow.

@AzureKnight you seem very confused. To be honest I’m not sure if I understood what you are complaining about, but maybe this will help you understand the victory % calculation:

This was always like this.


The new rule probably also aplies to the ninja event and pro league (I see no reason not to, it would actually have no impact there), but it has major implications regarding player’s trap bases. That’s where this new rules really makes a difference.



That’s the way this game works from the beginning. If you wanna protest you can contact support and give them your suggestion. However, the new rule you quote didn’t change that system. You can try on other player base: destroy all tower and obstacle and surrender after that but don’t touch castle gate, then you will get 2 crowns with 60% battle progress.


How do you know this? Did you make an experiment? because IMO, it’s impossible to make left castle gate HP to mere 1%. If you talking about animation castle gate health bar, it often trick you.

He is ryt …me and my some frnds had this trouble in current ninja league…i had 99% completed on island1…i ws confused because i destroyed everything in tht level and tht level didn’t have any gate towers too…bt i thought must be my mistake only i unknowingly missed something…but thn my frnds started complaining about the same problem…now i am sure its update bug…pls do something about it admins.

Don’t think it’s a bug, you just missed something. If it was widespread the Forum would have been flooded with more complaints by now, not just yours and your friend.

Non of my alliance had this problem, and neither did anyone from the alliances of my friends.

Ofcourse you would put the blame on the game instead of your own oversight :rolleyes:

yeah bro…could be… but this is the first i missed something and don’t know abt what i missed …i could have believed tht i may have  missed some tower or blockade …bt thn my frnds had this same problem…so its just can’t beleive everyone of them is mistaken…so bro tell me isn’t there a slightest chance there could be a bug or something?

But it is only you and your friend. That’s the whole point, no one else complaint so far… 99.99999% unlikely that it is the games fault. Try to not miss a tower next time.


No one else complaining could mean no one else noticed.  I did not.

Wouldn’t that prove my point? No one noticed that they didn’t have perfect score in Ninja Event?

Not sure anymore what your point is.  That the flaw doesn’t exist, or that it didn’t cause him not to go back for a gate.  I don’t care about his ninja score, but it the fix was implemented in the daily game but not ninja, that’s an issue.  It’s happened with other fixes that the fix was done in some places and not others.

No his complain is, that he got 99% on the 1st Island. Even though he says that he got everything. It has nothing to do with this thread (battle progress bar), he just reposted his complaint in this one. His first one was in Bugs.

My point is that he puts the blame of his failure (very probable) on the game just because he had one non perfect Ninja raid. His only source of proof to his complaint is his friend, which I just don’t see as reliable.

Remember the time when people got 3 Crowns 99% bug? Or Jester box not detonating and causing 99%? The forum was flooded with complaints. But this time it’s only him. Therefore I think it’s highly likely that he just missed a tower.

Anyway if he really feels that it was bug he should also file a ticket. Which i recommended to him on the Bugs sub forum.

The issue of leftover towers would be solved by the simplest of simplest methods by putting an indicator somewhere on the screen that says “obstacles remaining: 3/17” or so. No bothering with progress bars or crowns, just clear and direct data.

As for what is the topic of this thread, if the new calculation system is implemented only in some scenarios, it begs the question: why? If you’re making a change about how the score is determined, why not implement it globally, to all raids? Do it all the way or don’t do it, doing things partly is nonsensical (although typical to flare, it seems).

The question is, is it really only implemented partly? I never really pay attention to the progress bar, so I don’t know whether there is a difference in Ninja Events, War and normal raids.

EDIT: Now I get it, I think as the official statement only says “towers and obstacles” isn’t it normal that the usual 40% (or whatever the Gate is worth) has been left untouched? Meaning, as many others pointed out, the rest (~60%?) has been distributed to the maximum amount of possible defense structures on can have, instead of actually used defense structures. Therefore I think there is nothing wrong with the changelog.